The Big Picture

The choices we make now affect not only us- they also affect the ‘previous’ generation (who live out their remaining years dependent on political decisions made by the new generation in power), the… Continue reading

Sheep -and more

I realise being inspired can have the effect of one not being grounded in the week to week affairs of what’s going on.  I keep an ear out for ‘the News’, but it’s… Continue reading

Molly Brown, part 2

Hi there, I’m so inspired of late. I just taught an online piano lesson. I started some lessons using cut out cartoon sheep as finger puppets, for fun. (What the..?  Just trying to make… Continue reading

Molly Brown – and more.

Hi there, Welcome to my blog. Here’s some piano music to listen to as you read, if you’d like to… Ok, here we go.. This week, I painted in the studio from a… Continue reading

The Black Cockatoos

Hi there, Welcome to another blog post…another week in the life of an artist /musician. I’d just like to get in first and announce this: Another Online gig! This Friday, 27th August –… Continue reading

Defining Intelligence

How do we define intelligence? (Here I’m thinking about what parameters are generally used to decide how ‘smart’ a person might be – or a dog, perhaps…). This is something I frequently reflect on. It… Continue reading

Staying connected

Hi there, Here’s some chilled piano to listen to as you read, if you’d like to. We’re back in lockdown, here in Melbourne. One of the effects of Covid lockdowns is the potential… Continue reading

The Quiet Commitment. 

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. Here’s another collection of this week’s art and music. I love creating it all and I enjoy sharing it -and I enjoy sharing some thoughts I’ve had… Continue reading

Time Travel / In The Zone

Hi there This week I’m going to take you on a bit of a ‘time travelling’ experience. But before we do that, I want to draw attention to the importance of being on… Continue reading

Taking Time Out / Being Creative

I’ve just been sitting in a spa, outside for an hour, on a beautifully still mild winters afternoon. Just  the sound of the birds and the gently bubbling water.  Mercifully, all the locals near the… Continue reading

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