Painting / cartoons of my dog -and a song

In my last post about painting and fishing, I mentioned the dog I had as a teenager.  Having a family dog can be a great thing. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that great… Continue reading

Painting Ranelagh Beach

 With my music computer out of action, I’ve had to take a break from recording the band album. So over the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed painting this pretty beach in Mt Eliza. … Continue reading

Eridanus/ River Music – creating the Piano album

Eridanus / River Music I’m lucky to have a most enjoyable regular email exchange with a fellow ‘ creative’ – a writer. I thoroughly recommend it, if you’re lucky enough to find someone… Continue reading

Lowtide / The Best Story

My old Mac, which I use for recording, seems to be struggling all of a sudden. It’s a reconditioned one, I’ve only had it about 9 months. Over the last few weeks it’s… Continue reading

Recording/ The evolution of a song from ‘live’ to album cut

This week the band had a recording session for a few hours. The aim was to capture how we sound/ interact live. We managed it. 12 songs (!) These are songs that we’ve… Continue reading

New music video: ‘At What Cost’ (making of, Lyrics etc

Ok, this week I’m trying a new tack…here’s how I made a music video for my song  ‘At What Cost?’    I’m well overdue in the video making dept. I’ve made some in the… Continue reading

New song /busy week-actually!

Wrote a  new song…On Tuesday I saw a poster  and misread it as ‘Explain The Night’- it was actually ‘ Explore The Night’.  On the train, on the way home, I stopped writing… Continue reading

Producing A Seascape Painting

Creating the 1.5m Point Lonsdale painting: Whenever I can, I like to paint on location first. I took my family on the car ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff, Vic  and we drove to the… Continue reading

Aiming For Peace

Since I’m playing catch up, I’ll post bits and pieces I’ve written in recent times, as well as current writing. This is from a while back.  Woah!  I was  reading and doing a small… Continue reading

The dedicated artist off to work…

I was In the city, early Sunday morning, at Southgate waiting for my coffee, writing this… ‘White Night’ was on last night (1000s in the Melbourne CBD for an all night event )so there’s… Continue reading

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