News / Getting on with it.

I’m at the beach. Today’s the sort of day you feel you might catch a fish on the next cast. The ocean seems more alive somehow & the spring breeze has chopped things… Continue reading

Rough Days / The ‘Lift’

Looking back to late March, when we were on a camping holiday (away from the news, the Internet), the last thing on our minds was the possibility that we’d be in lockdown for… Continue reading

Freedom & ‘Fishing’.

Freedom. It’s everything.  I’m writing this at my local beach, in between having a cast. I haven’t been allowed to fish for about 28 weeks, because of Covid – 19. Today, restrictions have lifted… Continue reading

Being Patient & Creative

I’m in a happy state of mind. It’s got me thinking….awake…or asleep. It doesn’t matter, I’m here- alive. I’m so grateful each day. Where does this gratefulness come from ? I had a… Continue reading

The End Of Another Journal / Diary.

Hi there Welcome to another blog post. I’m in a reflective state of mind this morning. I’ve reached the end of another journal/ diary. Each time I start and finish a journal, I… Continue reading

Feedback / Fair New Day

Hi there,  Today I’d like to share some of the feedback I’ve received lately. Not from a ‘look at moi’ angle… the nature of the arts is that you endeavour to separate your ego… Continue reading

Staying Strong & Connected / Wolves

Hi there,  Trying to stay strong and feeling connected is certainly a challenge presently, while we are stuck indoors (Melbourne has been in lockdown for months now -and looking like another couple to… Continue reading

Summing up / Where it’s going..

Hi there,  Thanks for dropping by. If this is your first time here, welcome. Welcome to you all.  This week, I feel like it’s time to do a bit of a sum up,… Continue reading

Ideas/ Works In Progress 

I’ve woken up with a bunch of ideas. As usual.. some new, some old. Some I’m already developing. I  find writing in my journal first thing in the morning clears the decks, sets me… Continue reading

The Power Of Thinking Creatively.

  As I mentioned last week, I’m a piano teacher. Each week, I see my student’s play. I guide them with their thinking process (processing sheet music, received visually), and I help organise… Continue reading

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