4 paintings /’the jig’

I saw a post on social media : ‘Buy local- a local person will dance a little jig when a sale happens’. It’s true. Artists and songwriters work so hard to get to the… Continue reading

Power cut during recording session!

To continue recording our current album, Dan (drummer) and I convened to edit the electric drum midi recording and record Dan’s drum takes in stereo-a simple enough plan… This was our third effort… Continue reading

Painting at Dendy Beach, Brighton

I painted at Dendy beach, Brighton, this week. Beautiful blue skies, reasonably warm and no wind.  Here’s one looking towards the city Then I stood up, stretched and turned around and painted this… Continue reading

A painting+ a word about teaching piano

I’ve been busy as usual. I did 3 plein air paintings last Thursday. Here’s one: I’ve been working on the band album, plus I did the usual  Arts Market on Sunday….and piano teaching: I… Continue reading

Pascoe band album coming along …

I’m listening to a mix of the songs of our album currently being recorded…performed by the band Pascoe. Here’s some of the things that you think about… Is the vocal ‘honest’- is that me? Am… Continue reading

2 Plein Air Paintings/Fishing.

I woke feeling inspired today- well, ‘not completely trashed’ for a change, shall we say? I burned the candle at both ends recently: recording keyboards for my band album , layering sounds, doing… Continue reading

Painting / cartoons of my dog -and a song

In my last post about painting and fishing, I mentioned the dog I had as a teenager.  Having a family dog can be a great thing. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that great… Continue reading

Painting Ranelagh Beach

 With my music computer out of action, I’ve had to take a break from recording the band album. So over the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed painting this pretty beach in Mt Eliza. … Continue reading

Eridanus/ River Music – creating the Piano album

Eridanus / River Music I’m lucky to have a most enjoyable regular email exchange with a fellow ‘ creative’ – a writer. I thoroughly recommend it, if you’re lucky enough to find someone… Continue reading

Lowtide / The Best Story

My old Mac, which I use for recording, seems to be struggling all of a sudden. It’s a reconditioned one, I’ve only had it about 9 months. Over the last few weeks it’s… Continue reading

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