Producing A Seascape Painting

Creating the 1.5m Point Lonsdale painting: Whenever I can, I like to paint on location first. I took my family on the car ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff, Vic  and we drove to the… Continue reading

Aiming For Peace

Since I’m playing catch up, I’ll post bits and pieces I’ve written in recent times, as well as current writing. This is from a while back.  Woah!  I was  reading and doing a small… Continue reading

The dedicated artist off to work…

I was In the city, early Sunday morning, at Southgate waiting for my coffee, writing this… ‘White Night’ was on last night (1000s in the Melbourne CBD for an all night event )so there’s… Continue reading

..and we’re back! 3 in 1

Hi, it’s been  a long time since I’ve written here. I plan to do this regularly now- a New Start, in effect. What I plan is to write about the various  art and music projects… Continue reading

Still busy..

Here’s what I got up to today: Finished a small painting and put wire on the back, painted 10 cartoon pigs (watercolour), listened to a mix of a new album, Got my gear… Continue reading

Enjoy The Ride

Track 1 off my latest release, The Long Haul – you can stream it here, plus read lyrics. Enjoy The Ride was written by starting with  my child’s perspective, the morning she was off to… Continue reading

A balancing act: creativity & the business side of things

With all the ups and downs of being in the art and music business, it’s easy over do it sometimes… What’s happened is this: I only have so much energy, like anyone. I’ve worked like… Continue reading

3rd album release in 3 weeks

I’m very pleased to announce my 3rd  album release in 3 weeks: The Long Haul by Pete Pascoe – Piano /Vocal They say things come in threes. The 3 albums have been… Continue reading

Walking Through A Dream -folk rock album released

Just Released : Walking Through A Dream – a Folk Rock album – by P.Pascoe and Paul Dredge Pete – vocals, piano, keyboards, production. Paul – vocals, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums, harmonica. This album is the third release for… Continue reading

Don’t Miss The Bus -Piano/Vocal album

 Just Released :  Don’t Miss The Bus – a piano / vocal album – Words & Music by P.Pascoe This album is the first* Piano/vocal album in a planned series of Piano/Vocal ‘Singer/Songwriter’… Continue reading

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