Man In Blue – the title track to my upcoming solo Album Here’s the title track off my  upcoming solo album. Piano/Vocal with band. – it’s a mellow album -more laid back than the Pascoe band Feels good to be getting songs out there.… Continue reading

4 paintings in Bayside artshow.. view them here

here’s 4 paintings of where I live in Bayside, Melbourne. Great part of the world. Plus a bio. These paintings will be in an upcoming art show Loving painting these scenes.

Streaming (music online).. will it prove to be good or bad for the artist in the long term?

Here’s some good points by David Byrne (see link below).    Presently I haven’t put any music up for streaming (apart from a few on sound cloud)… perhaps I’m missing the boat- but I’m… Continue reading

Jimmy Webb and co ‘live’ MacArthur Park – Wow! This arrangement and performance is brilliant.Great musicians. Genius songwriter MacArthur Park ‘breaks’ all the ‘rules’ of song writing structure. I love it. There is a Gary Larson (far side) cartoon that lists… Continue reading

Good article about writing songs poetry

  Some great quotes here by leonard Cohen. Thought I’d share the link. Not looking to compare myself in any way, of course, but writing is what I do. Alot. Because I love… Continue reading

Decided to do an abstract painting

After some ongoing  ‘encouragement’- shall we say-, I produced this abstract painting last week. Really enjoyed the freedom of expression and bold colours -after having painted lots of  seascapes with  detailed yachts, etc,… Continue reading

Gatsby night out , world cup soccer = lack of zzz..

It’s great to get out and have a bit of fun … went to a Gatsby themed fundraising evening the other night. Had a hoot of a time. what with socialising and the… Continue reading

Elwood at Sunset (Melbourne)

Here’s a painting I did the other week. 1.5m x 60cm Had a bit of a wake up call tonight:. I’m in the process of transferring old movies of mine from digital tape… Continue reading

A (re)introduction to ‘Pascoe’, the band. + ‘This World Offers You’ album : about the songs

With my recording gear – protools/mac-  currently crashed (argh!)  and out of action(see previous blog here at )  it gives me an opportunity to get on with the ‘online communication’ side of things..… Continue reading

When computers crash

This pretty much sums up the way (we all?) I feel when the computer crashes…..thought I’d share. ( Looks like the hard drive on my mac has died. Just when I was about… Continue reading

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