Feel like a laugh? I fell off my bike… and : exhibition on

It’s exciting biking at night, somehow it makes me feel like I’m 17 again… I fell off my bike tonight. Hilarious, as it turned out. Nothing broken, just my pride dented -and one… Continue reading

Basil Cudby’s dog….

Hi, I’ve been working on marketing my music and art  but this week, what do i do? Yep, a new (ongoing) creative  project…. I got busy and drew 30 cartoons.. the first 9… Continue reading

This World Offers You (reprise)- back after a break o’seas

http://petepascoe.bandcamp.com/track/this-world-offers-you-reprise I was having a listen through a few tracks tonight. This one popped up..quirky, unusual, I ended up putting it on at the end of the album which was released a while… Continue reading

A Snapshot of A Self Employed independent Musician/ Artist

It’s a busy life aint it? Here’a bit of what I’ve been up to in Melbourne… the band did a 40 min (all original)  set at a local festival, are rehearsing well and… Continue reading

The Door – a song about losing someone close/ contemplating the big picture, etc…

https://petepascoe.bandcamp.com/track/the-door These lyrics are a bit different from my usual. Perhaps just a bit more straight forward, less cryptic. It’s good to let it all out sometimes. Nothing lasts forever, it’s all in a… Continue reading

The Man In Blue album

NEW ALBUM — ONLINE NOW — The Man In Blue Album is online and available for digital download now at:   http://petepascoe.bandcamp.com/album/the-man-in-blue Listen to individual tracks by pressing the play button to the left of the track… Continue reading

about to release The Man In Blue album

    It’s a great feeling. Been waiting a while. The Man In Blue will be online sometime in the next 2 days…  

here’s a link to some of my poetry /other writing…

I thought I’d create a blog for the writing that I do that are not lyrics. there’s a fair bit around my studio and in my diaries , gathering dust and so I… Continue reading

19 Seascape Paintings Currently for sale -view online

  Here’s some paintings online  that I have currently for sale. (they’ll  be on my new website when that has been completed in the near future) You can view the paintings as a slide… Continue reading

Getting the sound ‘right’ in my studio…

Folks have been asking what gear I record my albums on, how I got my sound – that’s what got me writing this. I’d just like to say in advance that studio recording… Continue reading

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