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The Seat

I’m looking out over Port Phillip Bay. There’s a seat which I’ve been sitting on occasionally. It’s positioned half way down the steps to the beach. It’s a shortish – but steep –… Continue reading

A Matter Of Playing

Carrying on from an idea from last week’s post, where, as an artist, you can look ‘around’ an object in order to properly see it… This is called negative space. Which is probably… Continue reading

Learning To See – and Hear

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been doing some reading. The following are some ideas that resonated with me from ‘Creativity Inc’ by Ed Catmul. Great book……plus there are some of my own… Continue reading

The Letter…

Hi there I found an unfinished letter which I wrote in February last year, before Covid caused the extended lockdown here in Melbourne. Like most letters (of a personal nature, written to a… Continue reading

Feedback for Artists

Hi there.  I’d just like to make it clear the following isn’t a plea for some attention. But if you’re wondering, any creative person loves receiving positive feedback, regardless of where they are… Continue reading

Snapshots of the week (of an Artist/Musician)

This week I thought I’d give you a look at the sort of week I generally have… Sunday, I started work on a large acrylic painting on canvas, of a creek in Bright.… Continue reading

Just one thing…

Someone was asking me : if I had to choose one thing and do just that , what would it be?  I love painting, that’s true. Here’s this week’s Painting (plein air) I… Continue reading

Keeping It Simple

I’m at the car tyre fixit place. I’m sitting, typing this, while the nice man fixes the tyres. This is my idea of car work: have it done by someone else.  It’s good… Continue reading

Parks / Freedom

It’s hot. Im sitting in my car. I have an hour to wait. There are no nice parks with trees and grass in this town. In fact, there are no parks at all.… Continue reading

Roll With It…

I’m at the Sunday Arts Market (in Melbourne’s CBD) as I’m starting to type this. Sales have been ok, considering the market wasn’t happening for 10 months, due to Covid -19. It’s just… Continue reading

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