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The Letter…

Hi there I found an unfinished letter which I wrote in February last year, before Covid caused the extended lockdown here in Melbourne. Like most letters (of a personal nature, written to a… Continue reading

Feedback / Fair New Day

Hi there,  Today I’d like to share some of the feedback I’ve received lately. Not from a ‘look at moi’ angle… the nature of the arts is that you endeavour to separate your ego… Continue reading

Summing up / Where it’s going..

Hi there,  Thanks for dropping by. If this is your first time here, welcome. Welcome to you all.  This week, I feel like it’s time to do a bit of a sum up,… Continue reading

Ideas/ Works In Progress 

I’ve woken up with a bunch of ideas. As usual.. some new, some old. Some I’m already developing. I  find writing in my journal first thing in the morning clears the decks, sets me… Continue reading

The Power Of Thinking Creatively.

  As I mentioned last week, I’m a piano teacher. Each week, I see my student’s play. I guide them with their thinking process (processing sheet music, received visually), and I help organise… Continue reading

Being a piano teacher (and….)

Hi there, There’s lots of art and music here today, folks!  Also, this week I’d like to talk a little bit about how it is to be a piano teacher… Up until the… Continue reading

Art, Music, Fish – and some Babies!

Hi there. This is such a crazy time. Of course, health is #1, but in terms of income, I’ve never been more grateful to be ‘juggling a few balls’ . Thank goodness piano… Continue reading

Local – and around the world.

Hi there. Welcome to this week’s art and music blog post. It was a grey start to the day. I was a bit late getting up. Maybe I needed one of these… It… Continue reading

Gigging (and juggling..)

Hi there, How’s your week going? I’m doing OK.  Four walks to the beach have been good for me, these last couple of days – a walk by the water clears the head… Continue reading

Our Freedom (to share).

So…big subject. My personal angle on this will, of course, be around the arts – particularly sharing/ creative speech/ products/ etc.  I’ll stick to this. Why am I wading in here? The answer… Continue reading

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