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Learning To See – and Hear

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been doing some reading. The following are some ideas that resonated with me from ‘Creativity Inc’ by Ed Catmul. Great book……plus there are some of my own… Continue reading

The Letter…

Hi there I found an unfinished letter which I wrote in February last year, before Covid caused the extended lockdown here in Melbourne. Like most letters (of a personal nature, written to a… Continue reading

After The Camping Trip

Hi there,  I’ve just had a few days camping in Bright (Victoria Australia). It’s a beautiful small settlement, nestled in the mountains. We were camping right beside the stream. I caught trout. We… Continue reading

New Chapter

It’s been quite a day….and it’s only 3.30pm. One of those days when you feel like you’re in one of those dreams where your feet are running, but you’re getting nowhere. In fact… Continue reading

Camping & Gigging

Having a break is important. You get to fill the well and return to your work with new energy. I’ve had just a break. I’ve been away from home and now I’m back.… Continue reading

Happy New Year / Favourite Time

With the end of the year nearly here, I’d like to start off by saying: in amongst what has  been a challenging year – a tragic year in many respects –  I hope you’ve managed… Continue reading

Band Album on its way! (Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Hi there,  Welcome to another blog post of music and art. First up this week… Band News Big news (to me, at least! 😉 ): we have a single out (released 17th Dec)… Continue reading

Another Week In The Life Of An Artist/ Musician

Boy, it’s been huge, this last 7 days, for me. The markets are starting open up – I made up 50 seascape prints this week, started putting out the word to get gigs…here… Continue reading

Balancing: the books, art, music & time out.

Balancing the books…I’ve just done my weekly checking of the family finances. Not my favourite activity. One account doesn’t balance. Hmmm…Major chance of it being (my) human error. I’ve been up late, painting… Continue reading


Keeping the wheels on creatively when other aspects of your life are a bit wobbly can be challenging. Professionalism, perhaps, might be the apt word, here…. Professionalism in the arts, in my case,… Continue reading

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