The Great Ocean Rd ‘Artist’s Trip’ -2010

In 2010, my sister, Barb and I went on an ‘artist’s trip’ for a week, along The Great Ocean Road inVictoria, Australia. Barb wanted to take photographs. The plan for me was to… Continue reading

Flat out /following the dream

I’m flat out making prints to sell, booking gigs for the band…etc. Stayed up last night writing an  ‘about the artist’ speel. It’s actually finally dawned on me just how busy I am.… Continue reading

What sort of music do I make ( – with my friends ) ?

I had a question recently:  What sort of music do I make ( – with my friends ) ?  Here we go: ‘This World Offers You ‘ is by ‘Pascoe’ – Rock. (Neil… Continue reading

Elton John, Neil Young, Bob Dylan..favourite albums get me through my week

I’m chipping away here. A busy week: about 30 piano students,writing a book(?) on learning to play piano, the band gig at The Espy, the Arts Centre Market on Sunday(sold CDs, prints of paintings,… Continue reading

en plein air painting with Sandringham YC-photo

en plein air painting with Sandringham YC-photo

here’s a photo of my en plein air painting(sold) of the Sandringham YC , Vic, in the background.
I really enjoy painting en plein air. the immediacy, a quick few lines to get the compostition and perspective downm then the emphasis on colour , energy.

Exhibition over, gig and aliens…

Beneath The Pier-Sandy Y.C

acrylic painting by Pete Pascoe. 120cm x 45cm. sold

Tasman Bridge

Earlier this year Paul Dredge and I recorded a folk/rock album  called Tasman Bridge. Since Paul and I released the ‘Tasman Bridge’ album it has been brought to my attention that there… Continue reading

A peaceful sat…

A peaceful saturday night. Having a rest. Theres alot of work involved in getting songs ready to present to the band and I’ve been working on 21 new demos. The essence of this tale   … Continue reading

Chuck Leavell, Ian Bland

Just had a cruisey band practice. Love figuring out arrangements, letting things flow, then getting a section sorted and moving on. Listening to : Chuck Leavell  ‘Back To The Woods. Awesome blues piano. &… Continue reading

Paintings, pigs and poetry

Finished about 15 cartoons.  Animals playing musical instruments, etc. The immediacy of Pen and Watercolour really appeals after months of painting acrylic seascapes . I started an animated video for one of piano pieces last night- my… Continue reading

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