Busy / Contented

Hi there, Thanks for dropping by. I thought last week was busy… this week topped it. There’s definitely a theme here: art, music, busy – and fun! That’s a pretty good combination for… Continue reading

An Overview

Hi there,  This post has turned into a overview of where I’m up to, so I’ve just gone with that. As my weekly online content on other platforms is bringing more folks to… Continue reading

Passion in the arts

Hi there, Thanks for stopping by. Here’s some piano music to listen to as you read, if you like ( this piece is streaming now on all sorts of platforms)… While these are… Continue reading

Why Theory? (Art /Music)

 Hi there. Here in Melbourne we have just gone into lockdown again. It has always been likely that this was going to happen. We are far from ‘out of the woods’ with Covid. … Continue reading

In the Cafe

Sitting in the window seat of a cafe in Melbourne. It’s a grey Monday morning, I’m part way through my commute, waiting on a bus. The waitress just delivered my long black coffee. I… Continue reading

Seascapes /Songs / Sketches

It’s 8.30am. I’m at a cafe treating myself to a long black coffee, having managed to catch an earlier train and bus (I get up at 5.40am to make the commute twice per week. Not very… Continue reading

The Seat

I’m looking out over Port Phillip Bay. There’s a seat which I’ve been sitting on occasionally. It’s positioned half way down the steps to the beach. It’s a shortish – but steep –… Continue reading

A Matter Of Playing

Carrying on from an idea from last week’s post, where, as an artist, you can look ‘around’ an object in order to properly see it… This is called negative space. Which is probably… Continue reading

Learning To See – and Hear

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been doing some reading. The following are some ideas that resonated with me from ‘Creativity Inc’ by Ed Catmul. Great book……plus there are some of my own… Continue reading

Wheels On / Humming along

Hi there,  Welcome to another blog post. it’s been another busy week! First up today… This is how I keep my wheels on: and you need energy to be in a band….. Pete… Continue reading

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