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Hi there, 

I’ve returned from a fishing excursion, in fact it’s been two days of fishing. It was so relaxing and fun. We just had calamari for lunch again. 

As I fish around for the ‘right recipe’ with this blog, I think I’ll try shorter blog posts – with the art and music up front, followed by some writing. It’s all a work in progress…

Here’s this week’s


Mt Eliza, Vic 29cm x 12 cm $145

This is view is currently under threat: ‘development’….I think this land needs to be preserved. It’s the last piece of land on the bay that hasn’t been built on. The eagles visit periodically (see them in the painting?). It’s so peaceful to be living near open land.

Here’s this week’s

YouTube Video

A Little Light (Piano/Vocal – live In The Lounge).

Here’s another quiet song. Written in 2012. I must’ve been in a peaceful state of mind when this one came through.

The lyrics talk about no matter how dark it gets, there’s always a bit of light you can find.

Here’s this week’s

Song and A Chat Podcast

Episode #56  A Little Light ( 4.56)

(From the show notes) welcome to another episode packed with anecdotes, songwriting insights & humour. Even if you’re not overly into songwriting, you might enjoy this – the focus is on information and entertainment! So sit back and have a listen as I chat, touching briefly on concepts, before moving on to the next thought.

I record these episodes without any notes. As soon as I settle on the song and flick the mic on, all sorts of possibilities come into my mind..memories, and those invariably leads to some peoples faces, which brings up different emotions. I would say emotion is the big driver of song composition. 

The songs are all written in my songbooks in a shorthand form – just enough to remind me of the crucial information. I’ve begun creating lead sheets and piano arrangements of all these songs – they’ll be up online before long.

This week’s song is about how there’s always ways to bring a little light into your life -no matter how dark it gets.

It’s nice to bring these songs out into the light – shed a little light on how they came to be, what there about.

I hope you enjoy this episode. I feel inspired each time I start talking about the music. I enjoy adding some piano here and there, as I speak, too. read more…

Perhaps you’d like to stream some peaceful piano music as you read? Enjoy! Safe Journey came about when I was in the mood to compose and I thought about the big snapper I’d caught the night before. In my minds eye, as I composed the music, I released the fish to the stars ( I have mates that would call me out as a hippie for this, but these are the sort of feelings that inspire art).

This week I’d like to share my thoughts (briefly) on ‘media’ – particularly commercial radio and tv .

I don’t have time to watch tv (and I don’t have much ‘extra’ money to go out to eat or buy things). I choose to spend my time on that which I’m passionate about.

This was me last night…

I’m not passionate about what’s being beamed into our homes….I’m commenting on it because I think the content is abysmal.

I’m mystified by most of what’s on commercial tv and radio. Announcers and content constantly ‘scrape the barrel’, stooping to endless innuendo. It’s not great listening.

American crime solving TV shows have dreadful violence. 

No, I don’t have to tune in and watch and listen. And I don’t. 

But my kids watch TV and -these images are there when you flick through the channels…and they do listen to the radio.  

Don’t get me started with reality TV.

Is anyone else sick of this…..’entertainment ‘ ? 

I live in a gentle world of bird song and the sound of waves at the beach. After a walk outside, if someone flicks on the radio when you get home you get bombarded with:  ” $1000!!!; dot com dot au; who’s announcing in the morning; blah blah blah -conditions apply*,etc .”…constantly. It’s the the hook and the sell -again and again.

Yep, I think standards have slipped.

On that note, The English language is taking a hammering with texting, etc online. What’s accepted as ‘normal’ is pretty sad: 

We are losing the beauty, the subtlety, the variety. 

Reporters and headlines don’t use the correct tense…past tense in sport commentary seems to be a thing of the past. So I don’t listen to sports commentators much anymore. Sport is losing me. It’s all about winning and keeping sponsors…

I’m thinking about going to the beach again, shortly, to paint. Maybe I’ll go back again, to fish, tonight. I’m lucky to be able to do this, I know. 

I just wish there were better things on TV for those who cannot get out and about. 

I think back to the TV shows and radio shows that were on when I was a kid… I guess it was simpler age in some respects. I know things change, but sometimes I wish they’d changed for the better..

I just felt like putting this into words this week.

Now, back to the art.

For those of you who are wondering where my cartoon drawing videos have got to, I’m working on video courses and e-books now. In the meantime, here’s quite a few ‘how to draw cartoon animals’ on my YouTube channel to view…

This could be a self portrait of me, of late – you spend a fair bit of time on the computer creating, editing (& uploading) as an artist / musician. Next on my to do list is: finish the mix of my new solo album…on the computer!

I hope you’re having a great week. If my creative content inspires you to pick up a brush or play the piano, well. That’d be great. 

If my music and art gives you some ‘time out’, away from the rat race, that’s great too. 

I hope you’re enjoying my posts.

I’m enjoying our cats…

Mr mischief up the top – and at the bottom, actually – that’s just an innocent expression…


PS here’s the lyrics from the song featured on this week’s podcast episode.

I See A Little Light Words & Music P. Pascoe

Memories remind us of the places that we’ve been.

Not far behind this the faces that we’ve seen

and the feelings

They live inside us, quietly pull our strings

Travelling beside us, they help to bring

us in the moment

before they’re gone ahh gone

I see a little light in our darkest hours

I see a little light in our quiet lives

We’ve made a science of denying ourselves the cream.

Why live in silence instead of trumpeting your dreams

and your feelings

I see a little light in our darkest hours

I see a little light in our quiet lives