Snapshots of the week (of an Artist/Musician)

This week I thought I’d give you a look at the sort of week I generally have…

Sunday, I started work on a large acrylic painting on canvas, of a creek in Bright. It’s a commission, so I won’t show the work in progress. But it’s going well.

(Monday) I’m waiting for the bus. I’m at the stop where’s I wrote some song lyrics a while back. I did write the music to those words. It’ll be on an upcoming album. It was an early spring foggy morning when I wrote the lyrics (‘Foggy Morning’). There wasn’t a bird song to be heard. 

Now it’s Autumn. There’s the hint of breath of winter on the subtle chilly breeze. It’s slightly overcast. Children’s cries come from the Childcare centre across the road, where a church used to be.

I’m thinking back to the train just now… I’d stood up from my seat to make my exit, only to discover I was one stop too early. Without looking, I backed into my seat again and sat down – onto the lap of a young lady who must’ve moved quickly, to claim my seat! Pretty embarrassing- to say the least! She took it well and it certainly provided some early morning entertainment for a few folks.. Oh well. As I left at the next station I said ” all yours” ….

 I’m listening ‘Solitude’ from my piano solo album, Release. It blocks out most of the sounds city, tugs at my ear occasionally with some nice snippets of melody, but mostly recedes to a pleasant listening level where I can write without being distracted. 

The bus won’t be far away now. 

I just listened to my next solo album – just a few fixes to do now. I like to keep it real. There’s so much I don’t know about recording and engineering and production, so I don’t stress. If someone’s wants to cover a song of mine they can dress it up how they want to. For me now, it’s just important to get the songs online as quickly as possible, really. But I’m certainly passionate about my music and I’m recording them to the best of my ability.

I can hear a spot or two where another keyboard line might be beneficial, a slip in the delivery of the song lyric to drop in on. A few guitars need me to reel in the volume., etc. 

I really enjoy this final editing. It’s amazing the difference it makes. I’m so looking forward to finishing and sharing these new songs.

Tuesday: I taught another 12 students (I taught 12 on Monday, too).

Now it’s Wednesday evening. I went to the beach to shoot a video for ‘Girl (When You Went Away)’ but I just missed the sunset! Arghh. I’d cooked dinner. Marie (my wife) was at the Mornington market all day (she sells my seascape and cartoon prints and takes orders for commissioned work. It’s a juggle, family commitments and progressing with the music and the art.  I hope to shoot the video in the next day or two. I’ll get down to the beach a bit earlier next time! 

I bought some software (after much research and deliberation) for making e-books/ yay! look out !

Thursday I’ll head to Brighton, check on the prints in a couple of shops and paint a picture or two at Dendy St Beach. That’ll be fun. 

And I did . Here we go, here’s this week’s

Painting (plein air)

Dendy St beach, Brighton, vic 29cm x 12 cm $145

I enjoyed painting this one. I had some work to do first, then I got changed into some shorts and old shirt and walked out onto the beach. It’s a picturesque place.

Here’s what it looks like from up at the road. it’s surprising how close the CBD is. This one of my most popular prints with tourists..

More prints here… prints

After I painted, I drove home & wrote some of this blog. Later in the evening recorded the podcast episode (see below).

It’s Friday now. I taught an online piano lesson and I made up another 21 prints today (put them in mat board borders and foam board backing, signed them and wrapped them in plastic).

In the afternoon I started some music videos for songs from The Roughest Cut album. I videoed myself singing in front of the green screen for ‘Falling (Out The Back Of My Mind). Then I went down to the beach at sunset and filmed myself singing for Girl (when You Went Away).

Youtube video

Falling (Out The Back Of My Mind)

I really enjoyed putting this together. It’s all done on a $0 budget. I enjoy the challenge of putting something together creatively that fits the budget and time frame. I think this took about 4 hours. I finished at 3am

I’m stoked with this album. It’s a culmination of years of work… learning to: play piano; sing; write songs; arrange songs; record songs; mix them; master them…etc. it takes a mountain of work and commitment to get to this point. We played really well on the night that we recorded this album. These performances were a result rehearsing and gigging together (although we hadn’t had a rehearsal for 6 months before we recorded this album!)

I’m having a fun week. I inherited a very nice old writing desk from our neighbour. Being a writer, I am stoked with this.

See the horse beneath the lamp?!

I’ll put it to good use…

I also picked up a cool lamp for my studio ( someone was throwing it out on their grass verge. I actually talked to the guy who put it there, as he was returning home from a jog. The lamp had belonged to his mum. I said to him it’s going to be in my studio. He liked the sound of that.

it was nice to record the podcast episode with a bit of mood lighting. You tap it 3 times for different amounts of light.

It is good to create a space that makes you feel good in a creative sense. I enjoy collecting bits and pieces to ‘shrine up’ my creative spaces. Makes sense, right? 

Last week I wrote a little bit about the band Crowded House. Their present New Zealand tour is taking in Palmerston North, my old home town. I’d love to be there. Oh well.

I saw them there in the late 80s. Such a great band. They had Eddie Raynor from Split Enz on the road with them back then. Now they’ve got Mitchell Froom. Wow. 

Band stuff…

I’m enjoying being in a cool band. I’ve been playing with the Patient Hum guys for quite a few years now. Looking forward to our next rehearsal. We play well together…everybody listens for the changes in mood, the ups and the downs…

Neil, Dan, myself and Ants rocking out here. It’s such good fun.

Here’s another one off The Roughest Cut album:

Everybody’s Sleeping is a little different… It has a piano riff for the start, sounds bizarrely almost like a musical theatre tune, then settles down into a middle of the road ‘radio’ style of song with an easy up feel and a nice melody. 

I like a semi spooky bridge though – you can’t go being too nice. So I like it when it breaks down unexpectedly before finishing with the repeated chorus. 

Arranging songs is such good fun. You learn by listening. Closely. And you never stop learning. What you can hear in your head is something to aim for. The end result will always be different – a bit like visualising a painting and then adjusting to the final picture. It’s a pleasant surprise, most often. 

Songwriting is similar… an idea or an image appears , or it may be just a feeling, sometimes the whole song arrives fully formed. Other times it doesn’t reveal itself until the very end… it’s so fascinating. Which is why I started a podcast about it.. I record this each Thursday night and generally finish about 2am. Here’s this week’s

Song and A Chat Podcast

Episode 53 Everlasting   (5.48)

(see the lamp and the desk – and me – in the art work?)

(From the show notes) Hi there, Welcome to another episode. If it’s your first time here, thanks for stopping by. My plan is to try and put you in the shoes of a songwriter – both in general terms and also to let you know what I was thinking and feeling when I wrote the song featured in each episode. 

Ok, Everlasting, song # 519 …this one was inspired by the bird chorus – both the dawn chorus and the evening song. It can’t help but give us a lift if we stop and listen. Which I do. 

The kookaburras did their thing this morning at 5.30 am, waking me from a deep sleep. It didn’t worry me. It’s a great sound – and they know when to shut up, which is a good thing. 

Birdsong is so peaceful, it inspires a bigger picture/ underlying, deeper themes and I attempted to put some of those feelings and ideas in the lyrics for a short simple song. 

The song kicks in at the time in the title above….(more on the show notes)

Crosby Stills Nash & Young weren’t bad either ..I can’t believe the album De ja vu is 51 years old now!!!

Ok, that’s about it from me this week. More cartoon videos coming up -I’ve got a bit side tracked on the music ones of late.

Hope you’re having a fun week. I’m really enjoying mine. It’s the variety that keeps it interesting…I love it all.

The Arts Market in the city was quiet on Sunday, but I met some nice people, had some nice conversations, made some sales and had lots of great comments about my work, which is always welcome.

Incidentally, I use Camtasia (video editing software) to make the ‘featured art’ pics. It’s really quick and fun -which suits me..

One thing more: You’ve got to be passionate to do all this – and to keep on doing it. I am – and I will. I’m lucky, my wife believes in what I’m (we’re) up to. I love writing and recording my music and producing the art. I hope you’re enjoying it all.


PS here’s the lyrics to the song on this week’s Podcast episode

Everlasting Words & Music P. Pascoe

Early in the evening the sun is setting low

the trees and grasses colours glow.

Well the birds all sing as if for one last time

and the messages that they bring reminds us

of the Everlasting song of love

it goes for on forever and up above

itll call you on your everyday,

we’ll still hear it when we’re old and grey.

Early in life, beofre we spoke, before the crack of dawn broke.

There was a word that rang like the clearest bell

like the sweetest bird had something to tell..

No one can miss it’s call ,

there’s no need to worry at all.

All of us are actors in a play.

We’ll be at peace together one day