After The Camping Trip

Hi there, 

I’ve just had a few days camping in Bright (Victoria Australia). It’s a beautiful small settlement, nestled in the mountains. We were camping right beside the stream. I caught trout. We sat round the campfire.

My friends cheered and clapped when songs from The Roughest Cut album Falling and Girl (Went Away) played on the speaker, via the phone. These were nice moments for me. I’ve been working on my music and production for so long. I admit it: It is nice to get positive feedback. 

Here’s a painting I did, sitting beside the tent. The serenity, the leaves falling & the carrowongs calling… It all just had the effect of washing through my senses and resetting my outlook.

Painting -plein air

Morses Creek, Bright, Vic (plein air) acrylic on board 19.5cm x 13 $95

Now I’ve returned home I’m feeling revitalised and motivated as ever. A walk down to the ocean watching the sunset last night reminded me how lucky I am to be living on the Mornington Peninsular. 

(Might have to have a cast soon…)

This morning  I listened to an interview with Mitchell Froom, producer and keyboardist extraordinaire, now in the band Crowded House.

It was interesting to hear one of my heroes chat about his musical past and how it is now with the band.

RNZ Mitchell Froom interview

Neil Finn’s music has been a big influence on me. The first concert I went to was Split Enz in Palmerston North, New Zealand, when they were at their commercial peak with True Colours album.

Crowded House became even more of a focus for me. I saw them 3 times in one week in Auckland. I like Mitchell’s production and his quirky keyboard sounds and parts. They add to the song, never draw too much attention. 

It’s been great listening to Neil Finn and the rest of Crowded House talking about – and playing songs – from their albums on Neil’s ‘fang radio’ lately. Heres’ the Woodface album episode: 

Fang radio Woodface 

I’m thinking about the best way to share my ‘how to draw cartoons’ . I still think e-books and instructional videos are going to be the way to go. More research to do…

More cartoon drawing videos coming soon…

Music news:

I have a lot of quirky interesting keyboard instrumental tunes ‘in the vault’… I wonder about the best way to give them some air. Maybe I’ll put them on bandcamp one day. or Tik Tok… thinking about that.

I just sang and played an unreleased song of mine. It’s very ‘up’ and happy. I think I’ll do a whole album of these sorts of songs not too far away. 

I’m nearly finished a solo album of quieter songs. It’ll be online soon. Another mix or two and itll be ready.

I’m half way through 2 more solo albums which I’ll give to Dan Dew (from the Patient Hum guys) to play drums on. 

I have another piano solo album underway.

We’ve started work on songs for another Pete Pascoe and The Patient Hum album. Here’s one off the recently released album , The Roughest Cut. It’s called Stop – which is exactly what I did in Bright. Like the lyrics suggest we do, I turned off the TV and sat in the mountains.

I just have so much going on creatively it’s hard to catch my breath, let alone do any serious marketing and promotion for my music. 

But I’m doing my best…here’s another music video… 

Youtube Video

Blisters On My Feet

I wrote Blisters On My Feet back in 2016. I can clearly remember walking along the baking footpath on an extremely hot melbourne afternoon. I didn’t have the car and my bike was out of action, but I needed to visit some students for piano lessons. Words started to come into my mind as I walked along, feeling the soles of my feet burning through the thin soles of my shoes. Walking is a great way to get some rhythm into sentences and get a sense of moving along to your story and images. Later, after the 4 lessons when I was back on the train I wrote down what I could remember and completed the lyric. The bluesy opening piano riff sets the scene for this 6/8 ballad.

Ok I hope you’re having a chilled week. I’m about to get painting, and recording – & I’ve got a podcast episode to produce! 

and here it is:

Song and A Chat Podcast

Episode # 52 Talk In Riddles (3:20)

(from the show notes).

It’s an interesting thing for me to consider how I came to be a songwriter. It’s not something I really set out to be, but listening to the likes of Elton John, Neil Young and Neil Finn, something sparked in me. And it burst into flame and its still burning strong after all this time. 800 songs later and I’m still enjoying the whole process very, very much. 

This is song #283, from 1993. I see I wrote the lyrics in Auckland, NZ.  This was the week I went to see Suzanne Vega in concert. The producer of her great album, 99.9 Fahrenheit, Mitchell Froom, was on keyboards. He produced Crowded House’s first 3 albums. He is now the keyboard player for Crowded House and they are on tour in New Zealand currently. Playing in Palmerston North soon at the beautiful Regent theatre. 

Today I listened online to an interview with Mitchell Froom, who was talking about his role as keyboard player for crowded house. I find that on the same day, by chance,I pick a out the song I wrote the week I saw him perform in NZ to be a cool coincidence. 

But I digress – quite decidedly so. That’s a little bit how I roll on these episodes. The more I talk instinctively, the more the mysterious threads all fall together and (mostly) crystallises into something quite clear. 

Any how, I’m talking in riddles here….

The song was a reaction to unclear communication between myself and a potential romantic interest. It was a growing time for me. 

Songwriting is a really therapeutic thing. But you want it to be more than just therapy… It’s gotta be a step on from that, so it’s art.

So today, as usual, I look at the lyrics and the music and talk about how the song came together. 

I’ll also take you fishing on a small stream in Victoria Australia. I’ve just returned from a camping trip at the foot of the mountains and it was bliss. 

If you are tuning into the podcast episodes, I hope you’re enjoying getting to know a bit more about me as a composer/ artist/ person in general. It’s great to be sitting behind the mic at the piano each week, reminiscing & talking about the songwriting process.

I’ve been putting prints of my paintings in matboard borders. They sell well at arts markets. I posted a few in the mail today (sold via the website) and a local shop needed some more stock…just keeping up with seascape prints could be enough to keep me busy!

Lots of plein air paintings like these on the website + prints of studio paintings.

Here’s a random ‘basil cudby’ cartoon… i’ve been waiting for a good spot for it. This seems as good as any! I loved reading The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings and the Famous Five books…

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Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by!

here’s a bit of quiet piano for you – excellent for a bit of time out / a meditation, etc….

See you next week.


PS, Here’s the lyrics to the song on this week’s Song and A Chat Podcast episode

Talk In Riddles Words & Music by P.Pascoe

I’d love to chop my heart in two

So you could see before your eyes

a place for you, A place for you

where no darkness lies.

I talk in riddles it drives me crazy

and my emotion falls in lines

and God knows what this does to you

and God knows what you’re thinking too

I’d love to drop this in the Zoo

and have it played with by the monkeys

for I have thrown these words into the lion’s mouth.

I talk in riddles and I cover myself

and my words fall, misunderstood

And who knows why this feels right?

Who ever said it had to be so black and white?

I talk in riddles but I can’t fool myself

you’re a flower in a busy city

a place for me , maybe me,

a place for me to stop and rest

I’ll do my best

to make you see

the meaning of my riddles