Monthly Archive: February, 2021

Parks / Freedom

It’s hot. Im sitting in my car. I have an hour to wait. There are no nice parks with trees and grass in this town. In fact, there are no parks at all.… Continue reading

Roll With It…

I’m at the Sunday Arts Market (in Melbourne’s CBD) as I’m starting to type this. Sales have been ok, considering the market wasn’t happening for 10 months, due to Covid -19. It’s just… Continue reading


Wednesday was an extremely peaceful day. I had the house to myself. My wife had a stall (of my art and music) at the Mornington market. It was a blue sky day, one… Continue reading

New Chapter

It’s been quite a day….and it’s only 3.30pm. One of those days when you feel like you’re in one of those dreams where your feet are running, but you’re getting nowhere. In fact… Continue reading

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