The Great Unknown

Hi there, today’s post is going to be brief, as there’s quite a few things going on for me right now…

I’ve been on holiday; I’m preparing to return to piano lessons (in person, rather than just online); there are some accounting/ business matters that require my attention (today!) ….plus the usual stock preparation for the arts markets needs to be done; emails to be sent; prints to be posted, etc. It’s all happening. 

Here’s an illustration I did years ago. It pretty much depicts someone attempting to get away from something and heading into the great unknown….

probably drawn in 1987. n.f.s.

Maybe this could be: ‘getting away from 2020 and moving into 2021!’?

I like this drawing style. I should do more like these.

I think it’s a really, really good idea to: draw small pictures in an art diary; not throw any art out; take digital photos of your work & save them all on a couple of portable hard drives…

Otherwise the results of many hours of inspiration and perspiration are likely to be lost and I think that’s a crime.

There is much to be gained by archiving ones work. You can see where you’ve come from. 

I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan’s Murder Most Foul from his new album Rough and Rowdy Ways. Bob , to me, is a genius. I think he’d be the 1st to admit the songs in his songbook are a combination of his own observations and stories + countless other people’s stories.

I can’t believe I drew this in 2016 – it feels like yesterday!

My hazy line blog is essentially my back story – where I came from. It’s a work in progress. Each post focuses on a chapter from my ( musical) past. The purpose of this blog is: to entertain; to share experiences that might help others along their musical path; to shed a light on what it’s like to be a gigging musician; to draw attention to published music and songs that have come about as a result of the creative life I’ve lived.

I’ve archived a lot of work here on this blog, since March last year. Art and music – both new and previously published – thoughts & cartoons. I’m enjoying scrolling back and reading some previous posts from time to time.

On my song and a chat podcast, I’ve now archived 45 songs – demo recordings – plus there’s 22 hours of me talking. What am I talking about? The creative process- both lyric writing and music composition – using the featured song of the week as an example (lots of songwriting tips here). There are funny stories from my past. Observations on the present state of affairs, the human condition. It’s designed to entertain and inform. 

Here’s this week’s

Song and a Chat Podcast

Episode #45 Girl Called Insomnia ( 7.40)

Who is this pup?

Hi there and welcome to another episode. This week I’ve done something different: I’ve found an episode I recorded quite early on in proceedings, which I forgot about. My podcasting style has evolved since I recorded this one so I’ve drawn attention to this and edited it a little bit.

When songwriting, being determined is so important. Sticking with it, learning as you go along, asking questions to find your path. There’ll be false starts. 

I think you can apply this to pretty much anything in life. On this episode I talk about the brief jobs I had  (in a pet shop & a piano shop). I can certainly apply these things to my ‘evolution’ as I’ve gone along, recording these episodes. 

I also talk about arranging a song, multi tracking, making intuitive decisions as questions come up. The main thing is: is it good for the song? If so, it’s in. If not, it’s ‘outta there!’

It was fascinating for me to listen back to an ‘old’ episode – there’s been much that I’ve changed, in terms of presentation, energy, etc. 

But the thing is: the idea, the premise of providing entertainment, song analysis and funny stories were there at the start – and those key elements are still the focus, as we are up to the mid 40 episodes published now.

The main thing is, songwriting is a mysterious process. I won’t tell you how to write a song -but I’ll tell you how I write a song.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode as much as I did, listening back today. It features song #17, from 1987 !

By the way, I relate the time I auditioned for my 2nd (ever) piano man gig with Funeral For A Friend some years ago. Here I am on this video, playing it all these years down the track..

No new video this week. Although I’m thinking of doing a promo video for the podcast on my Instagram. Did you know I have an Instagram account ? Infact, here’s a few places you can keep up to speed with what i’ve got going on:

Of course the best sort of communication is face to face. I suspect 2021 might have it’s ups and downs, but I believe we will eventually get on top of Covid -19 and we’ll be free again. Won’t that be great.


I hope you’re continuing to enjoy The Roughest Cut album. I am. You can find it on all sorts of platforms online. Here’s the spotify link to The Roughest Cut

Although we are now 3 or 4 weeks into the new year, because I’ve been on holiday (and working), I feel like I’m about to dive in to 2021 properly next week. 

Like the guy on the bike (that’d be a self portrait, by the way), it feels like we are heading into a year full of uncertainties. May it turn out to be a year of healing & unexpected pleasures. I think we could all benefit by being gentle with each other as we find our way along. A lot has changed since January 12 months ago! 

Thanks for dropping in again this week. it’s all a bit of a mystery for me , where I’m heading with my online publishing. I have a basic long term plan of publishing e- books and video courses. It’s going to take me a while to get my head around these things. For now it’s all the great unknown – and that’s exciting.

Hope you’re having a great week. 


Here’s the lyrics to the song on this week’s podcast. Enjoy. 

Girl Called Insomnia Words & Music by Pete Pascoe

Sometimes I wonder, when I’ve been walking down a lonely road.

and when I wander, boy, I’m carrying a heavy load.

Sometimes I wonder what I’ll do with my insomnia.

oh the stress I’m under, I try so hard to please you

And Ive been thinking if anyone will ever please you

and I’ve been thinking about a million things I’m supposed to do

and baby I’ll miss you.

and you’ve been thinking these lonely things i’ve heard you say.

And have you wandered the lonely way I went today?

Sometimes I wonder what I’ll do with my insomnia.

oh the stress we’re under, i try so hard to please you.

And Ive been thinking if I’m ever gonna please anyone

and I’ve been thinking about a million things I’m supposed to have done

and baby I’ll miss you