Monthly Archive: December, 2020

Happy New Year / Favourite Time

With the end of the year nearly here, I’d like to start off by saying: in amongst what has  been a challenging year – a tragic year in many respects –  I hope you’ve managed… Continue reading

Band Album on its way! (Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Hi there,  Welcome to another blog post of music and art. First up this week… Band News Big news (to me, at least! 😉 ): we have a single out (released 17th Dec)… Continue reading

Music and Art: Bookmarks In Time.

Last week’s hazy line blog post got me thinking. It’s about a time in my life where I realised I had a few things I needed to sort out. A growing up stage.… Continue reading

Another Week In The Life Of An Artist/ Musician

Boy, it’s been huge, this last 7 days, for me. The markets are starting open up – I made up 50 seascape prints this week, started putting out the word to get gigs…here… Continue reading

Balancing: the books, art, music & time out.

Balancing the books…I’ve just done my weekly checking of the family finances. Not my favourite activity. One account doesn’t balance. Hmmm…Major chance of it being (my) human error. I’ve been up late, painting… Continue reading

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