Monthly Archive: November, 2020

The Inspiration Train

It’s a hot evening. 6.34pm and it’s about 30deg.  I’m in the car, being ‘Dad, the taxi’ for one of my children’s activities.  It’s been a busy day. Nothing like I’d planned. How often is… Continue reading


Keeping the wheels on creatively when other aspects of your life are a bit wobbly can be challenging. Professionalism, perhaps, might be the apt word, here…. Professionalism in the arts, in my case,… Continue reading


Here’s some chilled piano music for you to listen to as you read, if you like Uncertainty – when you think about it, this is a normal state of affairs. Nothing is certain. … Continue reading

Time / Art & Music

Hi and welcome! Here’s some piano music to listen to as you read today, if you feel inclined. Today has been a bit mad. I teach online, sometimes the internet connection is dodgey,… Continue reading

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