Summing up / Where it’s going..

Hi there, 

Thanks for dropping by.

If this is your first time here, welcome. Welcome to you all. 

This week, I feel like it’s time to do a bit of a sum up, an overview of what I’m doing here. Clarify what this blog is about and where I think I’m going with it. 

Some of you are coming here via my email list. I want you to know I’m very grateful for your continued support for my art or music – or both.

Why would you follow this blog?

I hope you’re enjoying all the free content I’m posting each week. Hopefully there is something of interest to everyone here. Here you’ll be able to find news of your specific area of interest (it might be band music ‘frinstance)- and keep an eye on everything else in case something takes your fancy.

You’re first inline to:

View a new painting ( for sale) each week!  Like this …

This week’s  Painting:

moondah 4 sml

Moondah beach 4  Mt Eliza, Vic, Australia.   29cm x 12 cm $125

This is the 4th in the series of the beach I walk at. The tides have washed away some of the beach and exposed these rocks. Nice to paint, but not so good for beach cricket…when that time comes back around.

View cartoons

Like this

duck stand

I’ve started adding 5 cartoons like this at the end of each youtube cartoon drawing video.

or this

bas birdsong

I talk about this in this week’s podcast episode.

Read the content (as you are presently)

view the related photos ..


Speaking of birdsong, this fellow is a regular visitor (Outside my studio). The birds are amazing, here in Australia.

Hear about / listen to…. this week ‘s

‘Song And A Chat’ Podcast..

Episode #24 walk By The River (6:14)

Walk By The River rgb 3000SML

(from the show notes)

Welcome to another podcast episode – a big show again, this week! 

Picture me on a stage, with my piano. You’re the intimate audience. Yes, you’re going to a get a song- song# 385 as matter of fact. But that’s far from all you’ll be hearing about. 

Come back in time with me and we’ll see where the song came from. At the time I composed this song, I was reading Tolkien by candlelight, listening to De Ja Vu by Crosby Stills Nash and Young. It was a peaceful time for me.

I walked by the river a lot, fly fishing and letting my worries go. Just as my father did before me and his father did before him, on that same river. 

This song was the last one I wrote before I left New Zealand to come to live in Australia. 

As well as looking at the lyrics and the music, you’ll get to hear about a (humorous) unfortunate episode involving me by the river in NZ on a very dark night, finding my way back to my car – and another yarn about a quiet stream, years later, in Victoria, Australia. 

Along with life observations, insights to the song writing process, a yarn or two about gigs I’ve played and some other surprises ….enjoy some music and a chat. 

Sit back, grab a cuppa and put your feet up for 30 minutes. Let me entertain you!


Hear about / view my new YouTube videos. eg #1:

This week’s How To Draw A Cartoon Animal YouTube video is :

Duck In A Bath

Have a draw! Why don’t you give it a go? You might like it… then you’ll have a stack to catch up on- lots of how to draw cartoon animals to draw here now. Check out the playlist!

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 12.06.03 am


Follow links to different music I’ve previously released which you may not have heard…

eg:   Tenderness, from the album The Long Haul (Piano Vocal).

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 9.05.41 pm

You can read the lyrics here as you listen. 


Hear about: 

New music singles/ album releases, etc

(Coming up, folks! standby for the first single off the upcoming band album… )


Live gigs ( I’m working on ‘live online’ gigs, presently). 


Painting Exhibitions (‘on hold’ )

stormy weather sml

This painting used to sit above my piano – until it sold at an exhibition. It inspired the first line of the song Tenderness.  

See the paintings like this here:

I’m looking forward to my next exhibition. I’m very pleased to be able to say my last exhibition sold out. I have a couple of commissioned works to complete, presently..

There are 20 odd small a paintings I’ve painted since late March- maybe that will make a nice exhibition one day…


Where I’m heading (I think):

All the free art and music will continue to be offered.

Further down the track, this blog is also include:

Information, examples and links to teaching e-books & video courses available.

So you’ll start to see more focus on this content too. 

I’ve started down this path with ‘How To Draw Cartoon Animals’ videos on YouTube. 

They have their own Channel on Youtube: Drawing Cartoon Animals With Pete Pascoe

or you can view them on my general channel, where they have their own playlist: youtube channel: Pete Pascoe Art and Music



And I’m working on my How to learn to play piano / arrange songs for piano /How to play my songs…resources.

Here’s the sheet music to Pirouette , from the album Release

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 12.12.04 am

This piece  features in a new youtube video (see below..)

You can stream it on your favourite streaming service (spotify, etc)

Here’s the album Release on Bandcamp

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 12.18.52 am

– did you know you can digital send albums as gifts?


I also intend to offer books and courses on composing. I have begun sharing this information on my weekly podcast.

The list goes on…

If any of this sounds like you, please do sign up, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Summing up:

To date I have composed 800 songs. 12 albums are online.

I hope to make it 50 albums within 10 years. 

There are 4 brands (music styles): 

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 9.30.49 pmPiano solo,                                  Rock,                           Folk rock,                    &  piano/ vocal 

Is my music any good?

Well, I’ve received a lot of very positive feedback for my live and recorded music over the years. 

I’ve sold 5000 CDs and My music has been streamed 50,000 times in the last 6 months. The majority of streams being the piano music ( this genre does well with streaming).

Here’s something that happened today :

News this week for the Pascoe band…. we’ll need a new name!  We’ve discovered a hip hop artist has used the name. Lesson learned…

bas make mistakes

Whatever name we choose, we’ll copyright it/ legally claim it, etc. …name suggestions, anyone? 

This sort of thing can really rock you. But while we have been going for more than 10 years, it’s not the end of the world. 

Here’s a track from the This World Offers You album:  In My Own Time

I hope it’s the beginning of a new a chapter, a burst of energy for a band which I really think has something to offer. We’ve been missing being able to rehearse together.  Stand by for more music online., soon. We are going to be releasing a series of singles leading to the new album in the coming weeks. 

Anyhow, things like a new band name are the sort of thing you have to have the determination to navigate your way through. 

I’m looking forward to finally presenting online the vibe, the ethos, the music of what this band is about. And this band album will demonstrate all of this. We recorded all the songs in one evening in 2 hours, performing as if it were a live Set – that’s what we set out to do and that’s what we achieved. More details coming up – probably on a blog post -and in a youtube video, I think..

Ok, this is my day to put this blog post together, create a cartoon drawing video, paint a picture and record a podcast episode. Then I have another day up my sleeve to make a music video and finish off what I don’t manage to do today. 

Each week, I:  teach piano (online, presently) Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, I’m all go from 10am -2am doing the art and music… Saturday is my day off. Sunday is usually and Arts Market day-  but not since March, due to Covid. Gigs, Arts Markets, exhibitions and 60% of my piano teaching disappeared, overnight, back in March – and I’m not sure when it’ll return, but…

bas handy if you could eat

I’m lucky. I’m doing ok. Still, there’s a lot of truth in this message.

I work hard and I work for long hours each week. Each day I have a variety of work to do. It’s my passion. I compose, record and mix songs each week. I’m keeping on going as best I can. these are trying times for us all. 

I’m sharing all this online to offer something positive. Art and music for free – how cool is that? Enjoy. 

In fact, here’s some more.

Youtube video # 2: Pirouette (Piano Solo)

From the album Release. – bright but gentle piece.

This is the piece I posted the link to for the sheet music, above. This is the fun of compiling these blog posts, everything links to everything else. It’s such good fun. I just start writing and it all falls together. I made this video today. It’s a hoot filming and editing music videos. I could do it all day- sometimes I do!

Remember, you can have a browse back through the posts here on this Blog. If you like what you see, please do share my posts far and wide.

Perhaps someone you know might need some piano music to stream for studying, or for an aged care facility, a doctors surgery, a restaurant. .. (I’m going to be giving ‘streaming’ my piano music a huge push from now on – I’ve spent years being creative -and we’ve been working hard to learn about marketing -the other half of the equation).

Maybe someone you know is on the lookout for a nice big seascape painting?

bas art never stops

 This is the main reason I imagine you’d like to follow a blog like this:

If you like the idea of following a genuine passionate artist, getting onboard, becoming part of proceedings, you’re in the right place. So, welcome – again! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s art and music….and I hope you enjoy everything that’s coming up. 

I welcome interaction, your feedback. 

It’s been a long road to this point. 1000s of gigs ( Solo, with Paul Dredge and with the band). there’s been 100s of paintings, exhibitions etc. 100s of cartoons and 100s of songs. It’s been a joy.  

bas being free

Each week,  I’ll be publishing new art and music-  and I’ll also go back through and archive work done to this point.. offering ‘old’ paintings as prints, songs remixed and rerecorded new albums, etc. 

So much to do. I better get back to it now. I’m off to my studio to paint the painting which is on this blog post. 

So that’s the overview, folks. I hope this has served to help bring some clarity to what I’m up to and why you might like to keep in touch. 

Thank you so much for reading today. 

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please  do comment like and share – and do the same on other links like the YouTube videos and podcast episodes. Thanks in advance. 

Also please do sign up to the email list at . ( you’ll receive a weekly notification of all the new content online + receive 12 free songs for download ( 1 from each of the albums that are online

Have a great week.


Here’s this week’s lyrics for the song on this week’s Podcast episode (feel like a listen as you read?)

Walk by the river       words & music ©P. Pascoe 


Birds singing in the rain 

are music to my city weary ears

That country sound is saying

Here’s where you stress disappears


I could find it layin’ in your arms

I could try now layin’ on my charms

I could think of all the loving I could give ya

Or I could just take a walk by the river


No more living in numb pain

 The brains of a chocolate fish

Never never never again

Cos I got a peaceful wish


A strange poet’s been looking under lids

Of old pots cooking on a broken down stove

In a rundown kitchen, wondering what I did

With the last wooden spoon, must’ve chucked it out


But I’ve never ever given up

On a slowly changing dream

I’ve always filled my cup

With only so much cream



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