Ideas/ Works In Progress 

I’ve woken up with a bunch of ideas. As usual.. some new, some old. Some I’m already developing.

bas new ideas

I  find writing in my journal first thing in the morning clears the decks, sets me up, like a making your bed and opening the curtains.

All sorts of ideas float into my mind as I write whatever pops into my head. It’s a creative way to start the day.

Imagine how mad this person must’ve sounded once : “Imagine if we could somehow record music and send it through the air into receivers in people’s houses”. Yeah, right.

Everything we’ve invented, invested more thought in and developed has come from an idea- and ideas build upon ideas.

That’s how it is for a creative person: when I switch it on, it doesn’t stop.

Here’s a few things I’m thinking about presently…

I can’t wait to animate my cartoons to make music videos and instructional videos. I can’t afford the new Mac and drawing equipment required. I’m thinking of a ‘fund me’ page. People who donate toward the cause would receive free music, free prints or free paintings depending on the amount. Of course any donation would be hugely appreciated. I’m looking into this now.

I’m thinking about what animal I’ll feature next in a cartoon video…

This week’s How To Draw A Cartoon Animal YouTube video is :

Cat In The Shower


It’s really a piece of cake to draw these. If you haven’t yet, have a go. Yours will look different to mine, but that’s a good thing. Use my process as a blueprint -you’ll be surprised how easy it is. What gear to use? Any old pen or pencil and scrap of paper will do.

I’d like to animate this cat. Oh well, it’s something to look forward to.

Yes, I could do it ‘lo fi’ ‘flip’ the page style, but when I do this, I want to invest the time and do it properly. All in good time.


I’m Listening to ‘The Long Haul’ as I type this. I find music helps my flow.

THE LONG HAUL front cover

Enjoy the ride (track 1) is my life philosophy, I suppose. Verse one was written from my eldest child’s perspective, when she was about to go on a school camp. It was her first week in a brand new primary school -talk about in the deep end!  After we dropped her off I wrote the  lyrics, including some from my point of view.

Here’s an idea: I believe if we can’t actually change the outcome ( I think we have a say, at least), we may as well at least enjoy the ride and live well..enjoy the ride.

When I listen to my music, I listen for the pleasure. I also listen to imagine the arrangements yet to be realised. I hear real orchestral backing, drums, bass,  guitars.. and so on. My piano/ vocal arrangements are like my plein air small paintings – art unto themselves, but also a step on to the bigger picture.

I have so many songs waiting to be published. Streaming is the current way. If you’ve got a favourite streaming service, my music will be on there. Enjoy! That would be great. Also, please share far and wide!

By the way, I don’t think the Streaming system is ideal for the artist, in terms of:

Amount being paid to the artist from the streaming company.

Overall quality of music being published.

Amongst other things.

bas streaming destroy

But this isn’t a forum to complain .. and I don’t have a better answer. I think the good stuff will eventually rise to the top. So, like I said in a recent blog post, as they say: you dance with who they tell you to or you don’t dance at all.

I’m just grateful I can self publish – and it’s great: here’s a shout out to my listeners in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States! Glad you’re enjoying it. Music really is the international language, isn’t it?!


Moving along,,

I’ve released 12 albums to date.  12 sounds good, but it should be 50. 800 songs composed means 400 – 500 really good ones which deserve a voice. (Really good ones I hear you say? Well, you’ve got to back yourself in this world). I do intend to have 50 albums one day.

I hope to finish mixing the Pascoe band album tomorrow!

We are working on ways to market the Plein airtime paintings. Pricing, art, presenting it, etc… it  all require thought and action. Each step has its own challenges.

The same with painting…Here’s

This week’s Plein Air Painting:

Moondah 3 sml

Moondah beach 3  Mt Eliza, Vic, Australia.  Plein air  29cm x 12 cm $125

Painting #3 on my walk. (Since I’m not able to paint plein air, I took some photos from my favourite walk and I’m currently painting a series of these from the photos.

More here:

The beach boxes are so pleasing to the eye. It’s nice to sit on the deck of one now and then, and observe the day. Ideas do come to mind, but generally by the water is where I ‘switch off’ for a while.

There’s quite few rocks at this beach. Some days when I snorkel there are so many fish. others days it seems there’s no fish here at all! That’s the nature of the bay, it’s a shallow rich body of water that changes from hour to hour, much like an inland lake. Waves only happen when it blows a bit, as the gap to the ocean ocean is very small.

Here’s an example of a studio painting

blue syc sml

Sandringham YC, Vic, Australia  60cm x 120cm  sold. 

You can see how calm it gets.


Here’s what I’ve been up to in the 22 weeks since I lost most of my work:

20 weekly piano lessons taught.

and published 22 blog posts like this;

22 small paintings (mainly painted on the spot);

22 postcast episodes (I developed the podcast from scratch, too.) Publishing an episode includes: coming up with the content, recording, editing, mastering. Then I create the artwork for each episode and write the show notes.

&  50 videos up on YouTube.

How’s it being received?

3500 YouTube views!! Ta dah!!!

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 11.28.26 am

If you’ve been checking out my youtube channel, (Pete Pascoe Art and Music)  Thank you so much. I love putting these videos together – more coming up!

Entire school classes habe been tuning into draw for their wellbeing. Old and young are enjoying the music, my podcasts are being listened to around the world.

That all feels good. It takes a lot of hours and energy to produce this content each week. Am I mad?  Probably partly. It helps a bit as a creative, but I’ll come to that… See below.

I’m trying to do my bit to make the world a better place as I go along.

Here’s this week’s

‘Song And A Chat’ Podcast..

#23 Winter Blue (11.43)

Winter Blue rgb 3000sml

(From the show notes)  Hi there, Welcome to another episode of song and a chat . If it’s your first time here, well, I hope you’re in for a treat. You’ll get to step into the shoes of a song writer. You’ll hear a bit about how the song came together. Also…

I had ski gig – playing piano in an old restaurant in the evenings, skiing all day when it was fine. When it rained I wrote songs, drew cartoons ….and I went trout fishing. I tell a yarn about the time I was asked to take a party of people white water rafting…. 

If this sounds a long way away from songwriting, well, it is. And I’m enjoying just following my nose and relating memories like this adventure… 

Winter Blue is today’s song. What’s this one about? Once I’d taken up the gig and got there, I realised I was going to miss …a lot… And …someone in particular. 

This is a gentle ballad, with a lilting melody. I will record it with an orchestra one day. 

So in amongst stories of fishing and white water rafting (I take you on the river with me that winter’s afternoon…) we have some music. 

 I’ll examine the lyrics and the music of the song, from a songwriting point of view. 

If you’ve never heard a songwriter speak about this sort of thing, hopefully you’ll find this interesting. 

Ok, buckle up for the ride. Here we go off to New Zealand high country in 1988, where there’s  a young fella waiting to tell to you a  yarn or two, and sing you a song.


 As well as all this weekly content going out, one day I’ll have products for sale that relate to everything I’ve been giving away -and I’ll still give free stuff away. I’ll use the animation software to make my instructional videos more appealing. I’m working on this now.

Hmm….. I really could do with a ‘go pro’ camera too…’s on the list.

2 Kookaburras have made our place their home of late. Fascinating large birds, they sit so still in a tree for so long ,mt hen suddenly swoop down to grab a bug that’s surfaced in the grass. We don’t use insecticides, so the birds love us.

IMG_5977 2

On the subject of animals, the baby catfish, guppies and platys are keeping me busy…feeding, changing the water. I do it for the love of it. I love nature- especially water. The plants in the main tank are like some sort of bonsai, I suppose. It’s a hobby.



Random thoughts come through us all. I take notice and I take notes.

When we are in a half awake dreamlike state, I think perhaps there is a door open to some sort of public domain where we can observe ourselves interacting with others? We feel the emotions strongly. It has an effect on us.

bas bridge faith

What is this? I’ve thought about this and written about it for years. ( this is the possibly slightly mad bit I was talking about ) Maybe I should start a blog about it.

I feel like it’s the place where all my music art comes from. The state of being creative involves dipping into that collective pool. Being your own secretary with your logical part of your brain, then slipping away again to collect the next bit. It’s as natural to me as standing, holding a fishing rod at the beach. It calms me and relaxes me.

bas star fish

I think this is my role in life – and maybe to write about it …hmmm.. actually, I’m not sure, to be honest. I tell my kids I’ll figure out what I’m gonna do when I grow up.

Getting old? Suddenly at my age, 70 no longer sounds old. I remember thinking some of my school teachers were ‘old fogies’ at 45!

My students must be bemused at times, here is their teacher acting  and thinking like he is just getting started, creatively. I feel like that’s the case. Each day is a new day of possibilities.

I feel extremely lucky to feel so motivated still. This week I see I wrote in my Journal it feels like ‘all my creative endeavours have flatlined’ – It’s a up and down path!

Speaking of works in progress, here’s another

Youtube video

Painting a Picture of The Treasury Building


The Treasury Building is a beautiful old building in Melbourne CBD . You can google it. people get wedding photos taken on the steps.


The more you look at this building, the more detail you see – these lights are amazing.

This painting was commissioned last year. People have been enjoying viewing the photos of the work in progress, so I thought I’d bring them all together here, with some piano music.

IMG_2985 2

The architecture is amazing when you look close up.

I might do a whole blog post, too, writing about the process.


I love painting like this. The ‘halfway stage’ is interesting  -and exciting…



Ok, I could write like this all day, but there’s a lot waiting for me to do today.

Long Long Road has just come on on my headphones. Says it all.

I have a painting to do, a video to finish,  a cartoon drawing video to make, this blog to bring together, a podcast episode to record show notes to write…

I’m enjoying this long long road. I hope you’re enjoying yours.

Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have something to offer here. Something you’re enjoying, something you’d like more of here… Less of. It’ll help me shape what I’m doing.

Thanks so much for having a read. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested. That would really help me. Thank you in advance.

See you next week



PS Here’s the lyrics to the song on this week’s  podcast episode. -fancy having a read and a listen at the same time?

Winter Blue -words and music © Pete Pascoe

Woke up this morning with more than just a hangover on my mind

Went to the roadside in time to see hot rod disappear into the afternoon.


I’ve been wondering how i took a job on not knowing what I’d find.

and the dreams I’m having lately say I’m coming home soon

Girl, wait for me, I will return.


You need not worry i’ll be there soon, a lesson learned from simple sadness 

that descends like dark clouds on the mountain.

cutting off a brilliant view of pure white against the blue, 

you know it’s no sin, me and you. 

don’t you leave me now, Winter Blue. 

I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t say why I went away

I’m glad you can’t see this fragile me, the way i am without you. 


These walls breathe music, tendered by a careful hand, for many years.

I took this offer for experience, so I could leave the band  -and pay the man.


You need not worry, i’ll return soon, a lesson learned from simple sadness

descends like nightfall no the mountain top. 

Don’t you believe me now, my Winter Blue

Don’t you leave me know , my Winter Bue

and how much I need you, my Winter Blue.


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