Monthly Archive: July, 2020

Local – and around the world.

Hi there. Welcome to this week’s art and music blog post. It was a grey start to the day. I was a bit late getting up. Maybe I needed one of these… It… Continue reading

Gigging (and juggling..)

Hi there, How’s your week going? I’m doing OK.  Four walks to the beach have been good for me, these last couple of days – a walk by the water clears the head… Continue reading

Our Freedom (to share).

So…big subject. My personal angle on this will, of course, be around the arts – particularly sharing/ creative speech/ products/ etc.  I’ll stick to this. Why am I wading in here? The answer… Continue reading

Long, Long Road

Hi there, Thanks for dropping by. As usual, there’s lots of art and music on offer here this week.  It’s a long, long road we are on. Each of us are constantly evolving,… Continue reading

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