Monthly Archive: May, 2020

Manic? / Cartoons

Hi there.  It crossed my mind the other day, when I was reading back through some of my old posts, I wonder if some of you think maybe I’m kind of over the… Continue reading


Hi there, I’ve just begun recording 24 songs in the last couple of days- great fun.   Piano, vocal, keys bass, drums / drum loops, strings, keyboard lines, etc. These songs are most likely… Continue reading

Amazing How Time Flies

Here’s a link to a video of the band (Pascoe) playing at ‘The Espy’, St Kilda, Melbourne Australia-  from…Gordon Bennett!!!… 7 years ago! ‘In My Own Time’ is a song I wrote a… Continue reading

Simple Steps

There are days where you sit down, take a breathe and just plain wonder what the heck you’re up to- and why you’re doing it. While that’s actually a necessary thought process to… Continue reading

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