Monthly Archive: April, 2020

The Conveyor Belt…& the Outdoors.

Hi there.  Welcome back for another read, look and listen. I much appreciate you stopping by. As you scroll on down, I hope there is some art, music or writing here that particularly… Continue reading

Keeping Moving

Hi there,  This is week’s post is about … just ‘keeping on moving’. Seems a bit odd when we are currently all house-bound, eh. Yes, there  is a time for complete rest and relaxation… Continue reading


April 14th. Hi,  I hope you’re all surviving this period of enforced staying in one place. I had some welcome feedback his week: ‘There’s a lot here!’  Great! …my thinking is : Yes,… Continue reading

Saving Yourself ( first ). 

Here’s some writing I did a while back. I think it’s pertinent in these uncertain times, so I’ve gone back through it and edited it for today’s post. Saving Yourself (first). On a… Continue reading

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