Getting Started.

Hi there, 

Welcome back (or if you’re a newcomer, welcome! )

Following on from last week’s post about  a ‘New Start’, I thought I’d follow up with …


Getting Started.

I’ve been very busy for years. I used to say ” This is a busy patch”, but then every week became very busy.

daily juggle

The key to avoiding feeling like you’re out of control would appear to be regular prioritising, and scheduling. 

This is like a ‘ note to self’, as I’ve been flat out working toward producing a weekly post on my blog, a podcast and a YouTube video. Yep, I’m busy- but I’m gonna be busier. Because as I continue with my own artistic endeavours,  I’ll be continuing to share what I’ve created – and learned along the way, here.

I’d love you to experience the pleasure you can have when you draw a cartoon, write lyrics, compose music, write poetry, paint a seascape…

It’s great to be writing this, producing ‘How to draw’ cartoon videos and archiving my songs/talking about them on my Podcast. I’ve finally got it all happening and I’m finding it’s great fun to produce and publish all this each week. I’m learning a lot as I go along.

I’ve waited a long time for this.

When there’s something that you want to get done, there is a temptation to wait. 

We wait until we’ve: got the right amount of time; til we’re in the mood; til we have the right gear / can afford to hire the right people to get the job done, etc. 

We all do it- me for instance: I dug up some writing on my iPad from 2 years ago, outlining what I’ve finally just started here. Sure, everything takes time.


We can just start.

This has actually been my motto since the word go, really, when it comes to getting creative projects started- and completed. No mucking around. ‘100miles an hour Pascoe Special’, my friends reckoned.  I get it done. Yoda said: ” there is no try. You just do” – good old Yoda.

Recording albums is a real passion of mine, a special ongoing goal that I have. 

I’ve never let not having a budget stop me. To start with, with Paul Dredge( NZ), we recorded 5 albums on a 4 track ( cassette) recorder. We didn’t have much gear. Or time. We hired a drum machine and a vocal fx reverb unit. We got the entire album learnt, arranged and recorded in 2 weeks. 6 songs each. We learned how to play the other guys song with the record button on. 

We did this five times. Five albums, over a few years..

evening hours cover SML

Evening hours ‘tape’ #3!

We only produced a few cassettes for friends and family.

But we did it.

We didn’t know what we were doing. We taught ourselves.

We made many, many mistakes- and we had a heap of fun , learning along the way. 





These days when I record myself;


Yesterday’s Race -topical for these uncertain times.


Paul Dredge and I;

Walking Through A Dream SML

Hope and Forgiveness-a song about…well… hope.


and the band Pascoe,

This World Offers You CD Cover SML

Cathedral – going within and finding memories ,etc.

(btw, all these albums are available  for streaming on the usual platforms too).

I record on ‘Protools’ (digital recording gear) …and… I still make many, many mistakes! (I’ve learned not to repeat the same mistakes too often). I do my best and I try to make recordings that sound good to my ears. Not rocket science.

(Warning: tech gear talk here -just for 3 lines)

I didn’t wait until I could buy the top of the range of protools. I bought the entry level set up. Protools 7.4.  I upgraded as far as I could with my current hardware. I still use protools 8.3. On Windows 7. 

What does all this mean?  My gear is limited. I work creatively within those limitations. Sometimes I think with all this endless digital gear available online for recording, you tend to think you need it all. And there’s a tendency not to create until ….well , you just don’t get around to it. 

Which brings me to what this is all about: 

Here’s the gist of a plan to ‘get started’, if you want to be creative, but just can’t get started.

Pick a space in your house to work in. On that note, if you can, make it a creative space and ‘shrine it up’ . I cleaned up and rearranged /sorted my studio out yesterday. I’m very lucky -I have a whole room. Here’s how it looks:

stud 1

(It happens every 2 years -whether it needs it or not!)


Next: Buy some basic gear. Art gear (pen and paper?) music gear (ukelele?) …..

then:  start with half an hour per week. 

Commit to that half hour, no matter what. If you can, make it the same day each week, the same time of day. 

Can’t make it, cos you’re going out to dinner? ( not likely at the moment!) Definitely do it on another day- the same week. 

Then double it to an hour and keep going up until you’ve committed an evening, a day per week. 

Not sure what to do? Get an exercise book and start keeping a journal. Write and write. Get all kinds of stuff out of your system/ off your shoulders, out of your head. 

It’ll look different on paper. And not so scary. 

creativity wander

This is also one path toward clearing yourself of ..rubbish- stuff you don’t need in your head.. It’s also a way of noticing snippets of gold as they appear. Yep, it’s like mining for gold, except you’re not ruining the landscape and poisoning rivers.. 

It’s the opposite. You’ll feel a million bucks and your system will clear. You’ll feel younger. Your family and friends will notice. 

I think it’s because when we think this way ( creatively), we grow. You can’t help it. 

So you’re like a bush with new green leaves and everybody notices. But that’s not why we do it. 

Us creatives, we don’t follow fashion, we follow…a hankering. There’s a good word. We get a sniff of something, a feel for something . We draw /it write about it/ paint it…. We play it. Play . And we play with a purpose. There’s a definition for work: ‘ play with a purpose’ !

I loved having kids ( I love them now, but here I’m thinking about when they were really young). I loved learning to play again- with wooden blocks and plastic animals on the floor, in The lounge. Despite being a fully engaged creative person, I’d forgotten the joy of playing with blocks. And plastic animals. 

What about improving, once we’ve started? Well, that will be another post , I think. 

For now, maybe try picking up a pen and paper. Write some poetry,  draw a picture. Maybe sit at the piano and play some random notes. 

Want to know how to bring them together? Maybe I can help. Today I’m continuing to  share what I’ve learned online, here.

As the weeks go by, , I plan to continue to demonstrate processes I use. Techniques I discovered as I developed my own styles of art and music. 

Thanks for reading this. I plan to be posting lots of creative stuff each week. This is making me feel so good, sharing this. If you’re liking it, please share far and wide. 

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pic of website home page


OK, moving on..

Here’s this week’s painting :

Plein air 2 2020 mt eliza

Caption : Mt Eliza, VIC , Australia.  Plein air . 29cm x 12 cm  $125

Here’s a photo of the painting in the scene (i’m holding it with LH, while taking the photo)

hand held SML

I like this little beach, tucked away below the bluff.

It was one of those Sparklingly clear early autumn late mornings. It got really hot. On the way home I ended up diving in to cool off.


This week’s YouTube video is :

How to Draw a Cartoon  ‘Pig In The Shower’.

cartoon drawing still

easy: just one line at a time!

Fancy having a go at drawing a cartoon? It’s fun and easy..A series of easy Steps…a couple of minutes of time out, spent creatively, while listening to some quiet music.

Bypass your ‘I – can’t – draw’ monster voice and give it a go! If you do like it, please like the vid on youtube & share it for your friends to have a go!






This week, on the 

‘Song And A Chat’ Podcast..;

Episode # 2 That’s Alright With Me Babe


Paul Dredge and myself, busking in Mt Maunganui, NZ -a while back!

How about a quick listen to a song -2 versions , even(!!) – or maybe also listening to the story of how the song came together…

(from the show notes) ‘We’re back !…my second podcast episode, this song was written by myself & Paul Dredge (NZ) . This episode includes the ‘demo version’ and the ‘album cut’- 2 for the price of 1 ! The demo encapsulates the free, stream of consciousness type of creative approach to co songwriting…I said “Ok, it’s sort of an uptempo kind of Bob Dylan-ish song” and Paul leaped in with the chords and groove & I started singing… As usual, I explain how the song came together, a bit of background, with lyric analysis and a few tips on songwriting and arranging to finish. Enjoy’. 

(See the lyrics below).



Here’s another extract from some of my writing, which is topical here -thinking of my song Cathedral (see the recording by ‘Pascoe’ above). 

To relocate those parts of ourselves we’ve left behind, allow your mind to be free.

Practice recalling memories from your childhood

Attempt to specifically recall different ages

Images will appear in your mind of times that hold a special meaning for you.

(full poem/essay /whatever it is here – the same one as last week):

lost in thought

More Music:

When you’re being creative, I find it helps to be aware of what sounds are going on around you. I find this album helps me:

eridanus coversmall copy

70mins of (relaxing piano here)

(This album cover features my first plein air painting-  I mentioned last week that sometimes you get lucky early on…it’s like you’re being encouraged,somehow. This is the Manawatu river in NZ. It passes through my home town Palmerston North. I’ve chased a lot of trout down here..  and cleared my head while fishing, before a gig!)


Sheet Music:
Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 5.56.48 pm

If you’re a pianist (or know someone who is), sheet music for track 4 is available here:

I wrote this piece based on a wee snippet of tune that my grandfather, Harry, used to whistle.

It’s about taking the first steps of a creative path. These can be very sensitive and hesitant steps. So the music starts out that way.


Ok, We’re reaching the end of this ‘Getting Started’ post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Btw, if you have, please do share this to others whom you think might like it. I’d really appreciate that. The more people I can entertain & hopefully inspire to a degree as they find their creative paths, the better. 

Thanks for tuning in.

See you next week


PS , here’s the lyrics for  That’s Alright With Me Babe:


That’s Alright With Me Babe      Words & Music: Pete Pascoe & Paul. Dredge

I was as loose as a goose and free as the breeze

You’re so easy on the eye, I went weak at the knees

That’s alright with me babe   Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing

That’s alright with me babe


The way I’m feeling now, I’d just say holy cow

Cos I’m surfing on a wave, kinda feeling brave

That’s alright with me babe   Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing

That’s alright with me babe


I was as silent as snake when you came into my zone

I hit the handbrake, figured I was alone

Then a 1000 voices inside my head yelled out “surprise”!

Got such a shock, lucky I’m not dead, there’s no disguise


That’s alright with me babe

                              That’s alright with me babe   Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing

That’s alright with me babe


© P. Pascoe & P. Dredge