New Start / Stacks Of Old Diaries


Photo credit : Picture by Yanni

Hi, I’m  Pete Pascoe.

Welcome to my new start, blogging here. This is to be a weekly post from now on.

It’ll be a bit like a magazine….here’s what I’ll post each week : 

A new plein air painting 

A song with a chat – podcast link 

A video on YouTube link-  How to draw a cartoon animal  / a music video / an art or music teaching video , etc….

A Basil Cudby’s Dog cartoon (‘lo-fi stick figures)

A Song lyric ( the words to the song of the week on the podcast) 

links to new sheet music,

Links to new music,  videos etc.

You’ll also get other goodies: Along the way, I’ll eventually be including links to other blogs I’m working on, eg: tips for playing piano, poetry, my memoirs of being a piano man.

Each week I’ll also be having something to say …the musings of an artist, if you like. It might be an observation about life, talking about a band album coming up, how a painting came together, etc. 


If you like the idea of receiving this in your email inbox, please feel free to join my email list  – sign up @ and you’ll receive 12 songs for free!  You’ll also get to hear about new paintings,  exhibitions and gigs , etc. . If you’ve already done this, thank you so much!  

I’ve reached the stage where I’d really like to share more widely what I’ve learned on my way along my creative path: Techniques, the ‘ how to’. I’ll be using my work as examples, so, in effect, I’ll be archiving the art & music I’ve produced to this point. 

All of this appeals to me greatly. 

As the weeks go by, I’ll be describing in more detail the various musical and artistic projects I’ve produced , drawing attention to what’s available. I’ll make videos of the different styles of music, the cartoons and the paintings .


In these uncertain times, due to the Coronavirus, I’m happy to be offering something positive on the internet.

If you know of anyone who might like to learn how to draw a cartoon animal, or would like to see a new painting each week, or hear a new song, etc,  I’d really appreciate it if you’d let them know about this blog. Or my website :

Thanks for tuning in today. Without further ado, on with the show! I hope you enjoy it!

SML artist and work

Stacks Of Old Diaries:  

This blogging thing is something I’m really enjoying doing. It’s like keeping some sort of diary, but with extra purpose, because it’s being shared instantly.

Why am I driven to do this? 

It fits in with my plans of wanting to …help people… wanting to try and make a positive difference with my music and art. Wanting to contribute something positive on the Internet, in your inbox, on social media.

On that note: This week is the week I’d locked in to do the big new launch. The timing is interesting. As it turns out, these are uncertain times currently- to say the least- for us all. I’ve gone ahead with the launch, as what I’m offering happens to be uplifting, fun, entertaining music and art.

It gives me pleasure to compose and paint, I enjoy the results. People enjoy listening to my music and like viewing my paintings & laugh at my cartoons, so that’s great. 

So it feels good to be writing this post.

I have stacks of old diaries. I always imagined my kids might read some one day and discover more about their Dad. Maybe they’ll read about things that they’ve picked up subconsciously. Who knows, maybe these discoveries will then help them with a little bit of self understanding…maybe a bit of healing. 

I like to think my grandkids ( if and when they come along)  might end up reading some of it too. Maybe they’ll read this. If so, “Hi there!” 

I think it helps us to read positive uplifting stuff. 

So much of what is on offer in the media is not overly helpful, entertaining, artistic or positive..

SML creating positive change

Sometimes I think by fighting the negativity you end up just inadvertently increasing its reach. I think wherever you put your energy, that’s what grows. So I’m aiming to offer what I can to contribute in a positive manner

Ok, back to the topic : The diaries help me. It seems to clear my head. I think writing daily helps me keep the creative door open. There’s a series of ‘ The Artists Way ‘ books, by Julia Cameron, which are great.  The author encourages journal keeping. It’s a big part of the process. These books really helped me, back when I was starting to commit to this creative path.

These are busy times for me. I’ve never been busier- and I’ve always had a fair bit on. 

I’m just so motivated to continue to share and archive my teaching, my songs and my art. Thanks for your interest, if you’re still with me here, reading this.

When you open the creative door, there’s a heap of energy that comes through. It’s like a muscle: the more you exercise the ‘knack’, the stronger it becomes. 

I could quite happily blog, make videos and make podcasts non stop from now on. I’ll be doing this, of course, in amongst everything else, but I mean non stop….but for now, I have to juggle my time between teaching 35 piano students, the arts market,s painting commissions and other creative endeavours.. ( band albums, more seascapes, sheet music production-  yep: arranging and notating my songs/ piano pieces. , etc. ) 

Someone asked me recently : Do I have a life outside of the arts? 

Good question. Well, my family see me intermittently each week. I keep one day a week to spend with my family. On Saturdays I purposely don’t even think for a moment about all this stuff (and I do see them during the week, too- one of the advantages of working a lot from home).. 

I think sometimes I must seem like some sort of mad professor…always in my studio dreaming up the ‘next big thing’ and working on each project until it’s completed. 

There’s a knack to this. And I really feel like there’s some sort of …agreement …in place: learn it and pass on the results and the ‘how to’.   I’ve been lucky enough to discover these creative techniques – at times it feels like I’ve been literally shown these ideas…..after lots of work. (Also, by the way,  I think you get lucky to begin with ,then you gotta to the work to earn the rewards). 

So it feels like the right thing to do is to share what I’ve learned…

On that note, let’s get the show on the road- here’s this week’s offerings.


Recently, I was at the beach about to start painting. I’d had an extended break from painting on the spot ( plein air) . I said to myself out loud ” Feels like a new start!” At that moment I picked up my palette and a solid lump of paint ( from all the paintings I’ve done over the last decade or so) fell out of the tray like a mould and I was left with a clean white palette. (In the photo it’s now ‘used’ again- I made it messy painting this seascape…)

(I like the yin and yang in the middle)


Here’s this week’s  Painting :

SML Plein air 1 2020 mt eliza 2

Mt Eliza, Vic, Australia.   Plein air. 29cm x 12 cm       $125

I enjoyed painting this. I enjoy painting them all, of course. There’s nothing like getting down to the beach.

SML hand held

A nice secluded spot.

I painted the scene while sitting on a seat someone made from a few bits of wood. After I finished the painting, I walked onto the rocks and looked back. As so often is the case, the view In reverse, with the seat at the beach, will make a great subject for another painting- Another time!

Plein air painting, while it produces a piece of art in it’s own right, is the first step toward producing a large  studio painting (realism). I use the plein air painting as reference to give me colours and the feeling of the day. I also refer to digital photos taken at the time I painted the plein air pic.

Here’s an example of a studio painting.

SML 50 w Aireys 2

Aireys Inlet, Vic, Australia.   100cm x 50cm   $1150

(More here:   )



This week’s YouTube video is :

How to Draw a Cartoon Dog Playing Drums.

SML pic of hand and cartoon eye

Go for it!


Have fun ! A series of easy Steps…a few minutes of ‘time out,’ spent creatively, while listening to some (of my) music.


Remember, your drawing will look a bit different to mine….and that’s a good thing.



I’ve had the pleasure of conducting step by step cartoon workshops to a lot of groups (young and old) over the years. it’s great to be putting these up online.


Podcast time:  ‘Song And A Chat’ 

I’ve been recording these once a week, in my studio around midnight when everyone’s a asleep. It’s fun, letting my mind wander back to the time I wrote the song….  and now, introducing my 1st Podcast episode, ever… (Ta Dahhhh!!!)

Episode # 1 Chocolate Biscuit Princess (7:58)


btw, biscuits in Australia mean cookies (in the USA, biscuits means scones).

 The title? A good friend of mine shared  a house with a young lady who somehow reminded me of what I thought  an English princess from a couple of centuries ago might look like.The bulk of her diet was chocolate biscuits! The songwriter in me said “aha!” surely there’s a song to be had here…..’ 

(I considered rerecording this 1st effort- as you listen , you can tell I’m finding my way along  – but there’s a spontaneity about it that would be hard to recreate. Lots more to come and  I’m becoming more confident & learning so much about this whole podcasting thing as I record each episode). 

Each week, I’ll present another a song ( if you want to only listen to the song, the time where the song plays will be in each title).  I’ll give you the backstory…and… the demo plays. Sometimes on the original demo, you catch some sort of magic ..I’ll then do some lyric analysis , and finish up with the songwriting tips..’ (more on the show notes via the link above)

  • See the lyrics at the end of this post.  You could read along as you listen to the song.



 Harking back to the idea of journaling /keeping a diary), here’s an extract from some writing I did a few years back.    (actually, is this poetry ? not sure… I guess it’s poetic…) 

‘…..Whence creativity may spring from is like questioning the constellation’s very existence.

All that is necessary is:   to acknowledge you are capable of expression and transition.

And in that very act you have opened yourself in a free manner to the universe

 & all  manner of help will be thrust upon you , in ways that you could never expect.

And this opportunity for self  development and improvement will be continuous.

 A journal is a powerful tool to aid this process.

-both in identifying that that you would change about yourself 

and also imagining a self that you would like to be….’

works in progress

You can read more here, if you like:

(I see it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog! I’ll get it going again –  I have a stack of poetry lying around somewhere..)

By the way, can you guess how I came up with the name ‘peacepesto’ for this blog?



While we’re on the  subject of  peace (and I’ll most likely be on this subject a fair bit on this blog)  This piano album of mine has been shared, streamed and chatted about a lot lately. …


(Solo Piano album #4 )

(of course it’s also on streaming services like spotify,  apple music- all kinds of platforms).

It’s great for creating a calming environment/chilling out. It’s my current fav to play while I’m working, or writing an email/ letter/doing the dishes, etc. 

I’m so pleased people are using my album Peace to help them find some peace!


Here’s what was posted on my Pete Pascoe Songwriter FB  this week – Ha! :

‘We like to listen to a bit of music with dinner each night.

Well we were done with Mozart and the Shrek soundtrack…so looking for something new…

Thought I’d give it a crack..”Alexa…play Pete Pascoe”

And holy crap…she did…it’s you!

Beautiful…thank you for having dinner with us! 😊 (it was lasagne by the way…)’



Sheet music

‘It’s Time’ is one of 4 pieces from the Album Peace available for purchase from:

You can view the 1st page on the Sheet Music Plus website. It’s notated as per the recording.

I’ve enjoyed teaching this to my students. In the future i’ll feature this song in a video course.   

 Ok, that’s it for this post. Thanks so much for having a read/look/listen. I hope you enjoyed it.

(a wee reminder : By the way, again, if you have enjoyed this, it’d be great if you’d consider sharing this around to folks you think might be interested; maybe post a positive review, etc . Thanks in advance).  

Hope to see you next week with lots more art and Music. I’ll leave you with the song lyrics. 


Chocolate Biscuit Princess – P.Pascoe

A knowing stare, then more detached disposition

A comfortable chair,  a relaxing new position

She has her life all neatly groomed and tied up like her hair

Then she retires to her room, finds something new to wear

Princess lives on chocolate biscuits, ties her mind in knots

and as each week passes she doesn’t know what she hasn’t got

All men brushed off -like cat fur on her clothes

With her face so soft, its a hard way that she chose

How are you going to know

when prince charming waltzes in?

Your’e lost in a little circle

Are you going to be able to win him

When he comes along

he might take you for someone else.

Is this quietness a mask you’ve hung upon a

chocolate biscuit princess?


Maybe you should have listened to a rough muso off the street

Maybe your eyes would glisten, you’d rise up off your seat

If you could just loosen up for once, your defiant stare

Let someone else fill your cup,give yourself a chance

You’re a songbird who should sing

You have no need to hide

In springtime you should bring

new life to eyes which have cried

Words and Music by Pete Pascoe © 1991