Power cut during recording session!

To continue recording our current album, Dan (drummer) and I convened to edit the electric drum midi recording and record Dan’s drum takes in stereo-a simple enough plan…

This was our third effort (the first 2 sessions were a wash out -my protools wouldn’t talk to his drum kit…) . So we  set up all the gear (again) and put our plan into action.


Video plus snippet of song audio posted on Pascoe The Band Facebook

and…3rd time, lucky :success!  Dan and I edited a few hits volume, etc on his computer (while also monitoring a mix of the band without drums done on my mac while his drums were triggered ).

Then we plugged the drum audio leads into my computer and recorded stereo audio.

I went in and moved the new drum tracks in sync with the mono drum track (recorded on the night) then deleted the mono track…and whoo! we did it!

Then disaster struck : halfway through editing the drums for the next track….power cut! what the???

we played some basketball, kicked a footy and played cricket and then this happened:

pete drums


just as well

video posted on Pascoe The Band facebook page

All this digital gear… no good without electricity!

digital age

We abandoned the session at 5pm. Arghh!

Footnote : Dan took gear home and can now edit the drums at his house ….the story continues to unfold..

Determination is the key!

persistence canyon