Painting at Dendy Beach, Brighton

I painted at Dendy beach, Brighton, this week. Beautiful blue skies, reasonably warm and no wind. 

Here’s one looking towards the city

dendy2 no fx 8 18 sml

Dendy st beach, Brighton  30cm x 12cm $95

Then I stood up, stretched and turned around and painted this one.

dendy no fx 8 18 sml

Dendy st Beach 30cm x 12cm  $95

When I paint on the spot (plein air painting ) , I’m looking to catch the colour and the feeling. I also take photos. 

Back in the studio I use both the painting and the photos to use as reference to produce large acrylic on Canvas works. These are a combination of loose impressionist style painting and detailed realism, like this. 

52 dendy bch bxs

Dendy st beach 1.2m x 45cm .   (sold)

It’s a process I enjoy. I always thinking its ‘ not a bad office’, sitting on the beach. Im totally absorbed in what I’m doing, completely lost in time. I used to fish quite a bit , but lately Ive been painting- I have a better strike rate when I go painting. 

I also enjoy painting in my studio late at night, often til 2am , listening to mixes of my latest album, periodically stopping painting to make a few changes to the mix ( a bit less reverb on the drums, add another string part on, bass up a bit, etc… ).

creating positive change

I recommend getting out and painting on the spot. There’s nothing like getting a few grains of sand in the beach (& occasionally on the picture blue of the sky). I also enjoy chatting to people as I work. I certainly don’t mind people stopping to talk and watch me work- must be the performer in me. 

I’ve painted on location a lot over the years.  It feels good to be out doors. 

I recommend a wander by the water to blow a few cobwebs away, get things in perspective. 

magic wand

Here’s a song about being content doing what you do, finding your own way along, acknowledging other’s wishes without necessarily having to act on them.


IN MY OWN TIME – Lyrics Pete Pascoe©
Frame me picture me paint me finish me
Trap me catch me post me deliver me
From your hands to another land from my mind 

Trust me speak to me hear me love me
Rush me push me use me love me
In my own time in my own way in my own time

I’ll risk and I’ll burn and I’ll die and I’ll turn
I’ll seek and I’ll grow and I’ll live and I’ll learn

Like a river to the sea to the sky to the mountain

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 7.21.19 am

Pascoe in action at the Espy, St Kilda


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