A balancing act: creativity & the business side of things

touch too much speedWith all the ups and downs of being in the art and music business, it’s easy over do it sometimes…

What’s happened is this: I only have so much energy, like anyone. I’ve worked like a man possessed through the years. In the last 12 month period alone , I have recorded and released 4 music albums. Plus  I’ve produced enough  seascape paintings for an exhibition, attended a weekly arts market to play piano and sell CDs and art, composed lots of music, kept my band going, taught 35 piano lessons per week and managed to be a dad/husband.

On top of all that, my main concern/ plan has been to market my music myself: Social media ( in itself a full time job)  + working on websites, videos, financial plans, album cover designs, I’ve recorded all the music myself. And produced sheet music. ..the list goes on…

Which brings me to my point: are we lucky with the internet , that we can do all this ourselves ( manage, promote and sell) as artists, or is it to be our downfall? Reserving enough energy each week to remain ‘creative’/balancing it with the business is tricky.

The coffee and cake I’m currently eating cost me as much as it does to download one of my albums- which will give you a life time of pleasure, if you happen to like it.

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Yet the average person is unwilling to part with this much cash for music.

So it’s ironic. As artists, we are in total control of our whole production of our art and music through to the final sales point- just as society in general seems to have finally got to the point where it’s expected that we should offer our music for free.

What’s going to happen to the standard of songwriting?  Maybe it’s already fallen -if you look at whats on offer via radio and the internet -or perhaps it’s just there’s no filter  which means endless average and below average noise needs to waded through by a music enthusiast, in an effort to plough through and find something good. By the time it comes along, the chances are the listeners ears are so weary it’d be miracle if he/she recognised the music to be something that’s worth listening to more than once.

Having said that, I think ultimately  the cream rises to the top. But the general population have always been a sucker for well promoted mediocrity – and we seem threatened by anything more.

But I’m also an optimist. Things will work out. I’ve had a pretty good trot, all in all, but it’s always been tough to be an artist for a living. I wish that wasn’t the case. Maybe it won’t be one day.

We had a great band rehearsal tonight, such a great feeling to make the songs come alive like that . Rock n roll is alive and well in my heart.

So I’ll carry on….because:     I love being an artist and songwriter…www.petepascoe.com