3rd album release in 3 weeks

I’m very pleased to announce my 3rd  album release in 3 weeks:

The Long Haul by Pete Pascoe – Piano /Vocal


THE LONG HAUL Frnt Cover bc

They say things come in threes. The 3 albums have been coming together quietly over the last year or so. At last, all the little duckies have lined up, allowing me to release them upon the currents at the same time.

The Long Haul is a piano/vocal album ( the 2nd in my on -going singer/songwriter series). Gentle strings and some backing harmonies embellish these arrangements.

I’m enjoying presenting my songs with this minimalist type of arrangement, allowing the lyrics to be heard clearly along with the melody, without the (sometimes) distracting more layered instrumentation.

Whether you can manage a listen to just one track or have time to sit back and take  in the whole album – an increasingly rare occurrence these days- you can stream it at:  petepascoe.bandcamp.com

-enjoy some chilled piano/vocal original Melbourne music.

The Long Haul title is  a ‘nod’ to:  just how long some things take to bring them into being.It’s been a long road, being an artist and musician for a living all these years -I’m loving it. So grateful.

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Thank you,


PS Stand by for a couple of rock albums next… Nearing completion.