Walking Through A Dream -folk rock album released

WALKING front cover

Just Released :

Walking Through A Dream

– a Folk Rock album – by P.Pascoe and Paul Dredge

Pete – vocals, piano, keyboards, production.
Paul – vocals, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums, harmonica.

This album is the third release for Pete and Paul

A very relaxed half hour or so listening.
A combination of piano ballads with acoustic guitar driven songs.


Initially this has been released on the Bandcamp site **
– listen to the songs here and download single tracks or the whole album.

This album (with Paul) is my second album release in 2 weeks. it’s great to be able to share my music like this. 

About the album

Folk Rock album ‘Walking Through A Dream’  is the 3rd* trans-Tasman recording by Pete Pascoe and Paul Dredge (recorded in Melbourne in January 2016).

Pete is the lyricist^ The music for 5 of the songs was composed by Pete in Melbourne, Australia & 5 by Paul in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Drawing on the duo’s extensive history of gigging together as a duo, the songs were selected to suit this folk rock style.

Going with a ‘less is more’ approach, we built the arrangements around either piano/vocal or guitar/vocal takes. With some we went with just a little bit of embellishment from the other main instrument (eg:  I Do, by Paul) and others have a fuller band arrangement (eg This Dream Will Do, by Pete).

The combination of brushes on the drums, warm lead guitar touches here and there, interspersed with hammond organ and harmonica, gives the album an intimate, earthy, relaxed feel.

Most of the instrumentation are initial response/ first takes which gives the albuman emotional ‘live‘ feel.

The overall effect is a very relaxed half hour or so of listening. The combination of piano ballads with acoustic guitar driven songs keeps refreshing the ear.

The lyrics vary from observations of the city of Melbourne, the peace of the NZ & Australian outdoors to personal ‘character building’ events and on to ‘bigger picture’ themes.

‘Hope you enjoy this latest offering. Try winding up the volume in the car and go for a drive in the country – let us take you on a half hour meditation of chilled melodies, vocal harmony, blended with the interplay of piano and acoustic guitar. ‘
‘Please feel free to get back to me with comments/ feedback-favourite songs, etc-   I’d love to hear what you have to say’


^Paul wrote the lyrics to ‘I Do’.
*  earlier albums by Pete & Paul : Lost in Time and Tasman Bridge

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