Don’t Miss The Bus -Piano/Vocal album

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 Just Released :  Don’t Miss The Bus

– a piano / vocal album – Words & Music by P.Pascoe

This album is the first* Piano/vocal album in a planned series
of Piano/Vocal ‘Singer/Songwriter’ albums by Pete.

Initially this has been released on the Bandcamp site **
– listen to the songs here and download single tracks or the whole album.


Hi Folks,

It feels great to be sharing these songs. Isn’t the digital age is amazing: when we can write, record, master and share music ourselves?!

I hope you enjoy these songs.

I’ll be releasing more soon.



About the album: 

‘I wanted to share the songs with just piano and vocals (as if you were in a room, listening to me playing and singing) to clearly present the songs themselves – rather than with complicated musical arrangements, where songs can sometimes be lost.

Using just the piano as accompaniment allows me to play with dynamics: only a few quiet notes where I wanted to particularly draw attention to a lyric – or a fuller arrangement in sections to suggest a band or strings, etc.

When all’s said and done, I prefer some of my favourite artist’s live piano/vocal or guitar/vocal recordings, rather than the produced album cuts. Sometimes there’s just more emotion.

You’ll see the lyrics are sometimes autobiographical  e.g ‘As Far As I Can Tell’
and some talk about a more global picture  ‘Fair New Day‘.
I enjoy writing both sorts of songs – & at the end of the day, the interpretation is up to the listener.

I will record some of these songs again in the future with more instrumentation.

It’s great to be able to present them like this. I hope you enjoy these songs’.

Please feel free to get back to me with comments/ feedback-favourite songs, etc-   I’d love to hear what you have to say


* ‘Can’t See The Words For The Trees’ and ‘12 Quiet Songs’ are 2 earlier albums which have been withdrawn. These will be rerecorded in the future. 

** Bandcamp is one of the leading music sites for musicians. It is safe and secure and easy to use. more about Bandcamp here