A (re)introduction to ‘Pascoe’, the band. + ‘This World Offers You’ album : about the songs

With my recording gear – protools/mac-  currently crashed (argh!)  and out of action(see previous blog here at https://petepascoe.wordpress.com )  it gives me an opportunity to get on with the ‘online communication’ side of things..


It occurred to me tonight : some people following the band on FB  might like to know more about  ‘Pascoe’. So here’s some info.

Also, following that,   I’ve written ( somewhat belatedly) about our album ‘This World..’- including a bit of info about each track.


Here we go….

‘Pascoe’  the band  live in Melbourne , Australia. This is us:



Line up:

Pete Pascoe : Vocals/Piano/Keys Bass

Anthony Reed: Guitars/BVs   (on the right)

Neil Sims: Guitars  (on the left)

Dan Dew : Drums

The Band feature songs penned by Pete, given the ‘Pascoe’ treatment: Guitar/Piano driven -blues infused- melodic rock.

Feedback: apparently we sound a bit like Neil Young, Steely Dan & Pink Floyd- all of which is fine by us!

Previous gigs include: The usual Pub gigs, an  Espy Band Competiton –made the Final (top 10 out of 100) back in Dec 2010; played the Bright n Sandy Food Festival early 2011. The Sandringham Village Fair 2012.

In 2012 we recorded the   Album  ‘This World Offers You‘   (There’s been another ongoing recording project happening for the last 5 (?) years – it’s being produced by someone else -this  album is due out later this year. So we  effectively got the ‘difficult’ 2nd album out  of the way,  first up).

‘Pascoe’,  the band,  are an easy going bunch of guys, we obviously love to play music. Come along and check us out sometime. Buy the album and get a feel for what we’re up to. ($10 online!)

You can hear -and download, or order a CD  of – ‘This World Offers You’   at  www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com

See videos at  http://youtube.com/petepascoemusicart

I’m the songwriter, the driving force, if you like. I present the songs to the band and we  arrange them as a band  (eg: the sensitive songwriter lets his babies go and become what they will)

Recording is great fun. We’re half way through another album (it’ll be the 3rd – or the 2nd depending on how it pans out). I’m loving recording the albums myself, using  protools.

Gigs: We plan to hunt out some venues to play at as close to ‘Bayside’ as we can- bring some music south of the Yarra.. ideas for venues anyone?

If you’d like to hear about upcoming performances  and albums as they are released follow me here  my blog (click below), or FB ,  or you can get on the  mailing list (e: info @petepascoe.com )  and we’ll let you know what we’re up to.

When you hear the ‘This World Offers You’ album , if you like it , we’d love you to tell all your friends, ‘like’ us on FB, whatever . Sure, I’m doing the online promotion-  including making  videos, myself,  for youtube, etc- and we’re getting the songs get out there that way. Ultimately, though, Its great to be writing the songs and presenting them  live at the gigs, here in Melbourne.

It’s a big commitment getting a band happening, recording etc. We’re doing it because we love music, (& having fun).

For me, the singer/songwriter , its great to have ‘Pascoe’ to present the songs in rock mode.  Hope you enjoy  when you get to hear us.




About the ‘This World Offers You’  album

We really enjoyed the recording process of ‘This World..’ . It was all recorded at my studio, apart from the drums –a big thanks to Andy Robinson who played drums for us on this album ( before Dan joined the band ) – recorded at Salt Studios, Melb- great vibe there, great gear.  So in between all our other commitments we were able to record whenever we could at my studio and take our time. Although we were determined to get it out asap- not wanting a repeat of  our ‘first’  album’s  lengthy-and ongoing- recording process. These things happen sometimes. (still unfinished – it’s being mixed currently ).

The result is : The album sounds like a ‘live’ band playing, which we wanted, with a bit of ‘production’ here and there. (some extra organs and strings, a few extra guitar parts). As much fun as it is recording extra ‘bells and whistles’, we wanted an ‘honest’ sounding album, so weve purposely kept things close to how we present these songs ‘live’.  A bit raw, but warm. No pitch correcting on the vocals here! Incidentally, you maybe interested to know this albums was self produced,self mixed etc on a ‘$0’ budget (apart from a day in the studio for the drum recording and the CD production).

here’s a description of the Album, track by track:

This World Offers You:  Feels a bit like ‘Chocolate Cake’ on ‘Woodface’ (Crowded House) , bit of an unusual one first up. We came up with a reggae feel here. This world offers us much! We close the album with another version of this song. (yep, I’m an ‘album’ man).

Southern land: ‘up’, fun to play live. Growing up in the Southern Hemisphere.

Second story.  Medium tempo ballad that builds until  the guitar solo takes over at the end. The lyrics and music came at the same time. I was House sitting : awesome baby grand, an arched window to the sky. Almost gave the old dog (and me) we were looking after a heart attack, mid song, when my hand caught the piano lid and slammed it shut.

Lonely Dragon.  About a gig I did in Auckland,NZ,  against my better judgement. Definately not full of energy and panache! Bit of a ‘rocker’.

Innocent:  The realm of dreams where I often return from, shaking my head. Heavier number. Neil shoots from the hip on the solo at the end. Very pleased I hit record.

Cathedral:  Ballad about inner peace. Old memories.

In My Own Time.  Often the song we start with ‘live’. About finding your own way along, acknowledging other’s wishes without necessarily having to act on them

Everyone Falls.   Started out life as a ballad. I’ll probably record again one day like that. Gives the album a kick along halfway. A hoot, Rocks ‘live’.

Photograph.   Perhaps a crystal ball wouldn’t be such a great idea. I enjoyed singing it with Anthony’s acoustic guitar panned L and R.

Low Tide.   A dark mood that wouldn’t leave me for a couple of hours after  a bad dream. Became a brooding rocker. I enjoyed  creating the string sound at the beginning and end, like finger nails up and down the black board.

St Kilda     A snapshot of the St Kilda I discovered on my weekly trips to classes at the National Theatre a while back.

This World Offers You:  ‘We’re ba-ack!’ slightly unsettling slow  3:4 version this time. Really enjoyed doing the production on this one.