The Great Ocean Rd ‘Artist’s Trip’ -2010

ImageIn 2010, my sister, Barb and I went on an ‘artist’s trip’ for a week, along The Great Ocean Road inVictoria, Australia. Barb wanted to take photographs. The plan for me was to paint and take photographs to paint from. Which I did.

I exhibited about 10 studio paintings + some en plein air paintings- which I produced during the trip – in my recent exhibition (finally!).

I also found myself completely ‘lost’ to the scenery and the history of the coast and starting writing poetry, along with observations along the way.

I have a saying, ‘Lost InTime’ meaning : when you embark on a trip , with no particular plan or schedule, just allowing yourself to feel the the ‘natural rythms’, the season, the tides, the mood , the ‘nature of the day’ & hopefully get in to touch with yourself ,etc .

We did exactly that-and it was awesome. I have decided I’ll publish my journal + some paintings here ,in a series of 6 parts.

Hope you enjoy.