What sort of music do I make ( – with my friends ) ?

I had a question recently:  What sort of music do I make ( – with my friends ) ?  Here we go:

‘This World Offers You ‘ is by ‘Pascoe’ – Rock. (Neil Young/Crowded House) .. a variety of tracks here.. a few surprises, then eventually settles into a flow, with a (mellow) surprise ‘left turn at the lights’ with the last track.

Probably the tracks  In My Own Time , Second Story,   are along the lines of what we sound like live , plus Southern Land, Lonely Dragon and a few others … we have quite a bluesy sound live, our next album will no doubt reflect that.

Tasman Bridge and Lost InTime ( co-written with NZ mate Paul Dredge- we have a TransTasman band/duo , )  are more Folk Rock..( Neil Young/Bob Dylan /Simon -Garfunkel /Finn bros. )

The 3 Piano albums are very cruisey. ( also originals) – I’ve sold 5,000 of these.

Its taken me forever to start recording my ‘singing’ songs properly. I decided to buy some gear and record them myself. As an independent artist, it’s great to be getting some tunes out. I’m loving recording and producing the songs.

Now Ive started, ill be producing albums regularly (recordings underway- I’m hoping for 3 more albums this year!). I’ve written 700 songs.

I’m now going to do my best to promote the music I’ve spent years writing.

To hear this music : www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com  (6 albums here) .

To be on the email list ,so you can get to hear more about the bands, our new recordings/gigs, my exhibitions ,etc ,email me at info@petepascoe.com