Elton John, Neil Young, Bob Dylan..favourite albums get me through my week

I’m chipping away here. A busy week: about 30 piano students,writing a book(?) on learning to play piano, the band gig at The Espy, the Arts Centre Market on Sunday(sold CDs, prints of paintings, cartoons-pen/watercolour) , sold a couple of paintings, arranging some songs, etc….

Hoping to get an animated video for a piano piece finished this week..

People ask me who were my influences as a songwriter/artist… if I had to pick 10 artists/albums, here they are:

Elton John /Bernie Taupin : Captain Fantastic, Paul Simon : Still Crazy After All These Years (and with Art, of course), David Bowie : ..Ziggy Stardust.., Bob Dylan : Infidels, Neil Young : On The Beach, Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here, Neil Finn : (with/as Crowded House) Together Alone , Billy Joel : The Stranger, R.E.M. : Automatic For the people & I have to have here Radiohead: OK Computer.

These albums I play alot. Still. Great stuff.