Tasman Bridge

Earlier this year Paul Dredge and I recorded a folk/rock album  called Tasman Bridge.  www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com

Since Paul and I released the ‘Tasman Bridge’ album it has been brought to my attention that there was a terrible accident in Hobart, in 1975 ,when a boat hit the Tasman Bridge and it partially collapsed. 12 people lost their lives.

I’m an ex New Zealander , came to Australia back in 1997.  I had no knowledge of this tragedy.

I came up with name of the album while thinking about :  The Tasman Sea is between Paul and myself  and as we’d like to gig together and write songs more often together, I thought a bridge between NZ and Australia would be handy.

Also, the name reflected the back and forth process (between NZ and Australia) of songwriting that resulted in the most of the songs on the album.

If I’d known about the tragic accident of ‘Tasman Bridge’, Tasmania (I probably wouldn’t have then  called the album that) I would’ve acknowledged the people that lost their lives that day and the families that lost their loved ones. I’d like to do that now.