Exhibition over, gig and aliens…

Beneath The Pier-Sandy Y.C

‘Beneath The Pier , Sandringham Y.C.’  acrylic painting by Pete Pascoe. 120cm x 45cm. (sold)

Here’s an example of one of my paintings. I had an exhibition of 31 paintings in Sandringham (Vic, Australia) over August. They were all of Port Phillip Bay and The Great Ocean Rd.

As I can manage, I’ll be making a slide show of all my paintings online, so people can view my work. -I also sell  prints of my paintings.  I plan to have them -and  original paintings- available online soon

It all takes time… tomorrow I have a gig with the band ‘Pascoe’, which I front on vocals and Piano.I write the songs. We’ll be playing a new tune at the gig. I wrote the lyrics last night and today, a (fictious!) story with a mystical twist about being abducted from a truck stop by an alien . That’ll keep ’em guessing!